Not much interesting going on today. I finally went and strung up the tomatoes since they’re completely taking over the green house. You honestly can’t walk in half of it because the tomatoes have grown together so much.

Yesterday wordpress wouldn’t let me sign on, so I couldn’t post. But I picked a bowl full of red tomatoes and half a bowl of the tiny yellow ones; the only two plants we actually bought. All the tomatoes are enormous and green. Virtually every bloom turned into a tomato, and some of the plants are still blooming. I also picked the beans yesterday. 90% of them were Lima’s but we did get a few kidneys and three blacks. Lol, three, that’s it. we won’t be eating those obviously. Next year we’re going to do things a bit differently. We’re going to plant the beans in three individual places, and then string them up properly. This year was just, let’s throw them in the ground and see what happens. A lot of the ones we harvested were pulled too early, but I think they’ll be ok. The kidneys were all hiding under the tomatoes.

Anyway, that’s all I got. Oh, I did go to a football game. We lost. We didn’t have cheerleaders because our cheer team was cheering without a coach, and we can’t afford a mascot. The other school had TWO mascots, and a cheer team. Lmao, my school sucks.