Today was same as usual. The most notable parts being that R and I are in a group together with another kid from my class. His name is J. However, to save on confusion about which J I’m talking about, I’ll just tell you the nick names R and I have come up with. I am beeman, R is Cheeseless, and J is Ice Cube. Mines obvious, I keep bees. I was explaining to R about how I sometimes say something repeatedly while believe I’m saying something else. I used the examples blue and cheese. I’d be meaning to be talking about cheese, but keep saying blue without knowing. Then R mentioned that she didn’t like cheese, and invented Cheeseless for herself. J has been homeschooled forever, so I figured we should call him homie. But since that was a little too obvious, we needed something different. He told us about his trip to see his brother, and how hail the size of golf balls “yay big, I kid you not, fell from the sky”. Thus, Ice Cube was born. He’s a homie, and he likes ice. Anyway, Cheeseless and Ice Cube and I are in a group together for Italian.

The other note worthy thing is that I set an appointment for 8:50am on October the 5th to take my drive test. I got off at an early stop, and then walked to the DOL. Within a few minutes I was through the line waiting my turn with a number in my hand. About 20 minutes later I was finished. That’s the fastest I’ve ever had to deal with the DOL. Thank god. Anyway, my back is killing me from carrying my books so much, and I’m exhausted for no reason, except that I didn’t get my nap, lol, so I’m going to say arrivederci.