This all started because Robert Downy jr showed up on a commercial J was watching. Now, as you all know, he’s not really my favorite in the way of looks. Since my neighbor was outraged to hear this, I had to redeem my tastes through pictures. Some I have already shown, so I won’t show them again. Here’s my list. Then I’ll show hers.

Gilles Marini – He made Js “Top Ten Laminated List” lmao.

Taye Diggs

Chris Pine

Adam rodrigues

Brian J White – I prefer Adam honestly.

And here is my neighbors list.

Gary Dourdan – “he’s kind of hit and miss”. I think this was the only good photo I could find.

Michael Ealy – there was a guy in my 6th period last year who looked like he could be this guys younger brother. The cuter younger brother.

Shemar moore

Boris kudjoe – He’s her fav probably.

The rock- no thanks, and not even going to bother with a pic.

Vin diseal- again, no thanks and no pic

Benicio del toro – why. Not good looking at all.

Morris chestnut – he’s alright, not my fav though.

Will smith – we agreed he needs to be shirtless in public more.

John Leguizamo – ewwwwwwww

Jay Hernandez

So, who do you think won? We weren’t really having a competetion, but J doesn’t need to know that a group of people think I have better tastes than she does. Lol.

See also Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for more candy. Enjoy.