Today I finally talked with someone in my Italian class. Her name is R, and she asked me if I was able to get onto the website to find the homework and such. I told her where to go, but just incase she couldn’t find it; though I knew she’d be able to, I gave her my number. We’ve been texting pretty much all day, and she reminds me eerily of Amber. Like, she’s the Washington version of Amber. She’s super funny, and wants to be some crazy type of scientist that studies human diseases and how they behave in large societies. It’s called… wait for it… epidemiology. Yeah, reading the title alone is enough to up your IQ. She’s 22 but looks like she’s 19, at the oldest. She’s SHORT. She and I both don’t really care for our dads, and both were ordered by the courts to see them. Um… yeah, that’s about it. Hopefully we’ll be friends longer than just Italian 121.

I feel like I’m being crushed under all my school work. My math managed to multiply by itself, and now I’ve got more homework assignments then I know how to do. I’m up to date on my Italian homework, but by tomorrow I’ll be behind again. I just want to sleep, and didn’t get a nap today. It needs to be the weekend, BADLY. My math teacher should be coming back to class tomorrow, so my knowledge about what we’ve been doing this week will become even more confused. I don’t even know how to explain what we’ve been doing all this week, lol.

Not much else going on around here. Although, D was kicked out of J’s house because she didn’t want to pay rent for the nights she didn’t sleep at J’s house. The dogs cornered a rat into the rockery this morning, and Sam was going to dig it out to get to it. Then not too long ago they almost caught a squirrel.

I have to put up a baby gate at the bottom of my stairs to keep the dogs out so I can do my homework. I feel like I’m the one who’s being caged, not the dogs. For some reason, not being able to just walk out of my room makes me feel weird. Idk, I’m a weirdo.

Ok, I need to be finished now, I’m tired and am still texting R.