High school was boring/ easy. My math teacher is at some district thing until Thursday so we get to just talk through the entire class period. Thankfully I managed to find someone who had all the homework for the week, so I copied down the assignments quickly before class got out. I wanted to get all of them done today, but due to some… dilemmas throughout the day, I only finished tonight’s home work. After second I went to the bus and had a quick part of my lunch. The bus came and I got on, and read The Way We Eat, which is very interesting. I’ve watched several documentaries about similar things anyway, so it’s just neat to be reading a bit more in depth with it. And the pages are really inviting, which makes no reading it difficult. After I got off at my transfer stop, I got to witness a slight bit of romance. There were four Asian guys (I think they were Japanese, but I’m not sure) and this one Asian girl by herself. Plus me. One of the guys was definitely interested in the girl, and eventually went over to her to ask her out. She seemed to reject him, telling him she didn’t want to be late to class and then that she had a really early dinner at 4.

They both spoke different languages as their native language, so they were communicating in really broken English. The guy wasn’t going to give up though, and said they could hang out later. Then he tried to take a picture of her on his eye phone without her seeing, though why he thought she wasn’t going to notice escapes me. She caught him, and then he tried to be cool about it and explained how it was his iphone and he had paid $400 for it. And that he like it for it’s big screen. The iphone seemed to win her over, so she put her number in his phone. He gave her his. Then he acted like he was super cool and was never home so she probably wasn’t going to be able to reach him on his home number (even though that was the number he gave, despite having an iphone). Once he scored her number, he turned to his buddies and began gloating in a different language. It made me laugh.

Once we got to the school, I spent about half an hour searching out my first class (Italian 121). Finally, after circling around the main part of the campus several times, I found it. I really like my teacher. She’s this fiery little Italian woman, who speaks very broken English but is really funny. She talked about how she can’t stand drinking American coffee because it’s so weak, and how her mother disowned her (jokingly) because she wore jeans when they came to America. Class flew by and once it was done I went up to ask about missing Friday for my drivers test. She was excited about that, and said as long as I got the notes from someone and made up the work I’d be fine. Then she talked about how slow Americans drive. She made me laugh.

With that class done, the task of finding my next class loomed over me. I began the circling process again, and had a harder time of finding the building I needed because on several maps it was faded out. Finally after 20 minutes of walking in circles and staring at three different maps showing the exact same thing, I found the building. I walked up to my class, sat down in the hall, and waited for the class before me to get out. It gave me time to eat my lunch and copy the history notes I missed on Friday. After class finally started, the teacher came in and asked if this was some humanitarians class. Except for one other student, everyone agreed that this was the right place. The teacher directed me and the other kid down stairs to the office. We were on the third floor, went all the way to the first floor, and then found out we needed to go to the second floor. Once we got there the receptionist told us our class was in the room next door to the class we had originally been in. We go back up to the third floor and find four other kids waiting to learn.

They had all been directed here too. There was no teacher. After waiting 20 minutes, we all go down to the second floor office and ask for help. It’s then that we learn that our class has been changed to a late start class, so it doesn’t start until October 6th. Wonderful. I got on the next bus out of there. I do my normal route, and get on what I think is the right bus (it was labeled the right thing) but then a few stops go by and someone gets on who tells the driver he forgot to change his sign. It’s then that I begin to become worried. I thought I was on the wrong bus. I figured I’d just see where it led, and maybe I’d end up at the right place. After about 20 minutes I feel like I’m going out to the middle of no where and I have no idea where I am. I was freaking out. I got off at the next stop and called H for a ride, since high school had gotten out about half an hour ago. While she was coming to get me, I called my mom. She told me I had been on the correct bus, and that it just looped out a ways before coming back to our neighborhood. Brilliant.

H came and got me and I made it home safely, about an hour before my sister got home. I texted her to let her know I was home early, but she didn’t check her phone. So when she started trying to unlock the already unlocked back door while I was inside and the three dogs were all waiting for her to come in (even though she was the one to put the little one’s away this morning), I figured I’d have a little fun. I didn’t really even try to scare her, but she’s so easily frightened it’s not hard to do. All I did was open the door. While was unlocking it. She didn’t react much, except to say that she thought someone was in the house and that I’d scared her half to death. Brotherly duties for the day? Complete.