My mom was doing much better today, so we actually got a few things done. I drove us out to breakfast, and then we went and did some practice driving for my test on Friday. I can honestly say I’ve successfully backed around a corner at least five times. Parallel parking is still out of the question though. Eventually I was getting tired and hot, and my mom had to pee, so we went back to the house and put together the shelving for the bathroom. We took a break to watch the end of Bridget Jones Diary and eat tuna fish sandwiches, then I went and looked quickly at the bees, and then we set about putting together my bed frame. You think after all these years I’d’ve remembered that my mom and I canNOT work together with large tasks like that. We can’t ever seem to communicate properly. My bed frame is the simplest frame there is too. All you have to do is fold out the middle bars, lock them in place, and attach the center bar, and then of course put the bed on. If I hadn’t needed a second person to help me, I probably would’ve told her to LEAVE.

Even simple tasks like moving furniture is too much for the two of us, so having to assemble large items as well as lift a bed was almost impossible. Getting into details is pointless, but let’s just pray that it’ll be a long time before my mom and I have to do something so complexly easy again. As soon as we were finished we went down to get my sister. We made a detour to the fair, didn’t go in, and bought half a dozen Fleischkuekles, as well as a dozen scones. I ate two fleishkuekles before we even got home. Oh and I totally forgot to mention that I made zucchini bread today! J gave us a huge zucchini a while ago, and I finally got tired of it taking up counter space, so I chopped off a chunk and made zucchini bread. We’ve got enough zucchini for another four loaves at least. My mom took J two scones, and then I took over the zucchini bread after it was cooled. I’ll be making more soon to give to F and S. I gave them two scones, and S knew what they were before I’d even told her. She LOOOVES fair scones. I’m gonna make them bread anyway though, because I need to get rid of the zucchini.

I managed to open the hive today; it rained almost all day but too a break somewhere in the middle and I had time to take a look around. Check my other blog for the rest of the details.

Oh and another thing. College starts tomorrow. My back is going to be killing me from all the weight of my books. I’ve got three college text books, plus my math book that I HAVE to carry around. Hopefully I won’t need all my college stuff, because I don’t think I can carry all of that. PLUS lunch.