Today was (surprisingly) boring. I almost never get bored, but today I somehow managed to do it. My mom slept in pretty much until three in the afternoon, so I went back over to J’s to play Mario Kart and stay out of the way of my mom. Since J had work to do, I had to play by myself. I ended up getting her three new characters, a new race track, and a new motor bike. As well as wining her gold trophies for every tournament. Twice. I was over there for at least 5 hours. She did do a couple of races with me, and I ended up shooting root beer out of my nose because I laughed so hard. I don’t remember what her joke was, and it wasn’t that funny really, but for whatever reason I couldn’t stop laughing. I tried running to the bathroom and on the way I ended up just spraying root beer everywhere because I was laughing too hard.

I came home in time to watch the season finale of Being Human (definitely the BEST episode yet) and then pretty much sat around and did nothing for the rest of the evening because my mom went straight back to bed after the show. She had a bowl of cereal and some pizza crust (J order in pizza for the two of us for lunch because I was over there so long, hence the reason for drinking the pop) that I didn’t finish. I got nothing done today, but forearm is definitely sore from holding my thumb down so long for the game. Even typing this is becoming a workout lol.

I didn’t do anything after my mom went to bed. I was going to try and get out some of my own video games, but they’re buried behind the crap I moved around. So I just sat in my room and watched tv all night. After having played five straight hours of video games.

The weather was awesome from 10 to 3, at which point the clouds came back and it began dumping buckets. So, I didn’t open the bees again. I think if it’s sunny tomorrow, I’m going to open them up regardless of the time. I might only have one more opening before winter, so I want to be able to get in and have a look at things before it’s too late.