I went to first period, failed the math test (I left at least 80% of it blank because I had absolutely no idea how to do it) and then went to second for about thirty seconds to explain to my teacher that I had to leave to catch the bus. My mom wanted to ride with me today so she would kind of know where I was and to make sure I knew where I was going. After we get off at the first stop, this almost-60 year old lady walks past us on her way up the sidewalk. She’s got on a thin shirt, a skirt, leggings, boots, and nylons, all in black. After she’s passed us she hikes up her skirt to adjust her nylons, so basically her entire butt was exposed. And she wasn’t wearing underwear underneath the nylon, so we were pretty much mooned in the middle of the day. Completely random. She looked really unhealthy. There was a lady on the bus before we got off that I really liked though, she had frizzy white hair, a thin purple scarf made of a snuggie-like material, light purple sweatpants, zip up boots, white gardening gloves with cute little patterns on them, and glasses the size of dinner plates. She was awesome. She looked really unhappy, but I liked her outfit. I love crazy people like that.

We made it to the college, purchased my books (over $200 for the three of them) and then rode the bus home. It was about an hour both ways, which isn’t horrible. Once we got home we went out and bought me a basic bed frame from ikea, as well as a bit of shelving for the bathroom and then a USB from Best Buy. My mom’s thinking about buying me a camera since my sister has decided she’s actually going to use hers now, and because I’m probably going to Europe this summer so I’ll need a good travel sized camera that will still take great pics. After all that we invited ourselves (and John) over to J’s for dinner. We called in Thai food, and then went and picked it up before heading over. This guy was going to buy our dinner when we got there. He thought that his name was called, when it was really my name, so he said “well if you’re going to pay for it, then it’s definitely my order.” Or something along those lines. My mom said “I was thinking the opposite” (meaning she was thinking that he should buy our meal) and then he said, “yeah, I was thinking that too.” She immediately stopped talking to him, lol.

Dinner at J’s was fun. Before we went over though, my mom had to pick what alcohol she wanted to bring; tequila or wine. She asked me and I suggested that she could save herself the trouble of deciding and not drink anything tonight. She chose the red wine. The three of them finished that before dinner was over, and then after dinner they had margaritas. HARD margaritas. Over a third of the liquid in their glasses was tequila. And they had two drinks each. We played Mario Kart for several hours, before John wanted to play bowling. By this point he and my mom were so drunk, they didn’t really know what they were doing. John asked several times what they were playing. Then we moved on to tennis, which requires swinging ones arms. J hit me I the leg once, and I was slightly worried I’d be smacked in the head by someone else, so I tried to just make myself as small as possible while attempting to also play tennis. After a while my mom decided she needed to “go home and let the dogs out”. She never came back.

Eventually John went over and checked on her, and found her lying on her bathroom floor throwing up. Very pleasant. He went home shortly after that, and then J went over to double check to see if she needed any help. She wanted to be left alone, and told her to tell me not to look for her because she didn’t want me to see her like that. I went over about five minutes after J got back over, because I wanted to make sure the dogs were fed. The house was quiet, despite Buttercup barking to get attention. I put food in their dishes and walked back over to J’s house as quickly as possible. We watched an episode of hoarders, but by that time it was 11:40 and I still needed to get home to blog and let the dogs out ect. So I left when hoarders was over. I really think I’m a hoarder. I’ve definitely got some of the hoarding characteristics.

The little one’s just wanted to play, and kept around the house being really noisy so I threw them outside, and then went to close my mom’s door so she could sleep. She’s passed out in the bathroom still. I just shut the door as quietly as possible and came back upstairs to finish the post. I’ve been texting H the entire evening, because there was no way I could sit through tonight alone. My mom’s never been this drunk in front of me. At least not that I can remember. Lol. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, since she’s going to be super hung over and sore from sleeping in such an awkward position. And she has a birthday party to go to tomorrow too, lol. Oh! And I forgot to mention that my mom talked about her sexual prefrences right in front of me! It was REALLY awkward. I really DIDN’T want to know what kind of penis my mom likes, or the speed of sex either. I’m scarred for life without a doubt.

I didn’t open the bees today, because despite it being around 70 all day, it hasn’t stopped raining since last night. I’ll try and open them tomorrow, maybe, if the weather is nice enough.