First, my sister. I use “her” camera (it’s technically my moms because my mom hasn’t transferred my sister’s funds over to her account yet) more than she does. I have consistently used it almost every Friday for over a month. And now suddenly my sister wants to take it to school for Yearbook (even though yearbook has at least half a dozen camera’s) and she’s going to my dad’s this weekend so I won’t be getting it back to take pictures of the bees. I hated how she “asked” about it too. She was like, Where’s the camera, I’m taking it to school tomorrow. When I tried to protest, because Fridays are always Bee day, she’s like, I don’t know why you’re arguing, I’m taking it to school no matter what. It was so infuriating. I’ve used that camera more in the past six months that she has since she got it. And I’m just supposed to hand it over because she demands to use it? URGH.

My mom was on her side too, which was even more annoying. My sister acted like she was the queen of England and just expected me to give it over. I had forgotten she was going to our Dad’s tomorrow, so I was trying to ask about when she would be home after school so I could use it. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe I would even ask such a thing. I just wanted to scream at her. It’s not fair that she gets to have it whenever she wants. Especially when she KNOWS I always use it on Fridays. My mom suggested I could have J come over and take pictures with her cell phone. What’s the point of that? The pictures wouldn’t show anything. I hate how my mom plays favorites just because my sister feels like she doesn’t belong in the family. My mom goes out of her way to be nice to her, and in the process I’m usually affected negatively.

Also, my mom doesn’t like that S has been giving me rides all the time and not my sister. I consistently walk home the same way EVERYDAY after school, and if it’s raining or crumby out S will give me a ride. I’ve never asked her to, she just does. Since my sister stays after school a lot, and usually goes places after staying after, S would have no idea where or when to get her. And because it was raining today and my sister had to walk home but I didn’t, my mom feels that that’s sending a message to my sister. UGH. Really?! Just because S gives me rides doesn’t mean she likes me better. And even if she did, so what? I’m home all the time, I talk to her all the time, it would make sense if she liked me more, even if it wasn’t intentional. So my mom is going to talk with S about giving me rides. She thinks that she should either give both of us rides or neither of us. Its times like these that make me regret telling my mom anything. As soon as I do it bites me in the butt. And it’s practically rebuking S for doing us favors.

Second, I’ve finally come to realize the amount of time I’m going to have to spend on public transportation to get to college. Its an hour bus ride to and from college, so on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I won’t be home until 5:30. And on late starts I have to completely skip second period. The bus comes ten minutes after second period starts. Tomorrow my mom’s going to stay home so she and I can do a practice run of getting on the busses so I know where to go. It’s going to be a long day. I won’t be home until 2. Oh and I’ve got a math test in first tomorrow, on things I know nothing about, so add that to the list.

I’ll be doing a bee post tomorrow, regardless of the fact that I won’t have pictures. I can’t tell you how annoyed that makes me. Bees are such fantastic creatures, and a lot can change in a week. Pictures are required to do the hive half the justice it deserves. I might be able to throw a big enough fit tomorrow before school to get the camera back. I’m considering just buying it so I don’t have to worry about not having it.