Today I came home and felt completely exhausted. I could’ve easily given myself up completely and been asleep in minutes. I don’t know what it was exactly that kept me awake, but I found motivation somewhere and decided to rearrange my room. Cleaning my room always makes me feel better. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before (or if I have I have mentioned it recently) but I often consider becoming a nudist. So, just to see what it would like to actually be naked for an extended period of time, I rearranged my room in the nude. Lol. I told you I’m insane. It was actually really liberating though. It was fun. And because of it, my room is much larger. Mind, one part of it is completely unusable because of all the extra junk that needs to be put in the attic or in other parts of the house.

Luckily I finished organizing early, and dressed again (I feel uncomfortable just sitting being naked), because about an hour later my sister came home completely unannounced with a group of friends. She said she was staying after, and then going to her friends house (the one who constantly asks if I love him). It’s really annoying how she doesn’t seem to care about the other people who live here. I would’ve been just as irritated if I hadn’t been walking around my room naked an hour before they got there, as I would if I had been clothed the whole day. Her selfishness is ridiculous. And then once everyone was in the house, they raided the fridge. Alright, it was only four people, counting my sister and the friend whose house she was going to, but it was still irritating that my sister would just offer up our groceries for the week like they were nothing.

We’re really tight on cash at the moment, so I was annoyed that they were eating things. They ate the cut up veggies, drank some of my milk (my sister only drinks 1% so my mom gets two cartons of 1% and only 1 carton of 2%, so my milk has to be a bit more conserved) and her friend who’s house she was going to started eating the last of our peanut butter. I texted my mom who promptly called my sister and told her to control what her guests were mowing through. Her guests were rude before that though. They were criticizing my radio station choice (I’d been home alone so my favorite radio station [103.7 the mountain] was on quietly) and then made fun of the key chain H bought for me in Disneyland. It’s a metal chunk with Mickey, Miney and Pluto painted on, with my name at the bottom. What little points they had were dwindling quickly. Thankfully they left within half an hour, and the house returned to normal.

Oh and another thing; why do people feel the need to mess with a piano if it’s in a house. EVERY one of my sister’s friends has played with the piano. It’s an antique, an expensive antique, and I find it irritating that people feel the need to open the key cover and start attempting to play the piano. If you can’t play, please stay away.

Other than that though my day was fine. I definitely recommend that you try cleaning your room naked when your house is empty. It’s fun and liberating! I felt like I was finally able to move around my room without being hampered by clothes.