I was watching Hoarding tonight over at J’s and it got me thinking. I’ve got some hoarder like qualities. Mind, eventually I will get tired of all the junk and through things away and organize it all. But already I have boxes of junk I don’t use hiding in the attic or sitting around the house. I think I’ve got three boxes of just little knickknacks and toys from when I was little. It’s absolutely absurd. And tonight (before my sister and I went to J’s) the table was cleared and I couldn’t find anything. I NEVER know where things are if they’re actually put away. I can tell you almost exactly where something is even if it’s pilled under a foot of crap and you have to jump over a suitcase to get it. My room is slowly going to shit. It used to be nice and clean and orderly. Now I have about two square feet of usable space. First we brought the old traveling suitcase up from the garage, then summer hit and we needed the fans down from the attic (but it’s cool again so they’re all sitting in my room waiting to go back up). The toy box I’m using as a coffee table is hidden under a plant and behind a footstool covered in dirty blankets the dogs use as bedding sometimes.

The animal crate has been waiting to go up into the attic since Albus died. I forgot to mention, but the vet sent us a card like Lilies with Albus’ paw print on it. That’s on the mantle which is also (somehow) hidden under a pile of things. Thankfully that’s in the living room and not entirely my fault. I think tomorrow when I come home I’m going to spend the day cleaning my room. It’s out of control. I need to rearrange all of it. Right now you have to walk on tip toe around all the stuff the dogs have, plus whatever clothes I’ve got lying about, as well as weaving yourself through all the furniture. And no one can really come up here anyway because the couch is filthy from the dogs running all over it, and the only other chair in my room beside my computer chair is hidden behind the suitcase and buried under shopping bags full of clothes I didn’t want.

My desk manages to disappear at least once a week. I TRY and keep it clean, if only because I need to do homework on it, but somehow things manage to find their way here. My keyboard, despite being used everyday, has got a thick layer of dust forming on it. The white color of the desk is slowly turning grayish brown from the dust as well. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I cleaned the fish tank. Thankfully they’re in a position away from sunlight, so they’re not hardly any algae growing in it. And you can still see the fish, which is good. I’ve noticed all these tendencies that I’ve got though. The biggest one being that I’m most comfortable when I’ve got things pilled high with clutter and having to weave through places. Which, if you watch hoarders, is a BAD SIGN. Pray for me. I really hope I don’t become a hoarder. It’ll be bad if I do.