My cousin (the older sister of the cousin who’s in my math class) had a going away party today, so we went over there from 12 to 5. It was fun. Just sat around and ate like we always do. There wasn’t that much food though, which was a shame. No one else showed up until 3ish. My cousin in my math class was doing his homework so he came out and did his math with me. Having homework done before 4 is nice.

Once we got home we just sat around. I did clean the windows of the French doors today. And my mom took the frame things off (they were decorative things that the dogs were tearing up) so it looks like we’ve got a huge hole in the wall. I like it a lot better to be honest. It’s still not as good as sitting out on the patio though, so I went and sat outside, and a few moments later my sister came to join me and ask for help with her homework. I saw a Thrush before we left for my cousins, and saw one right after I sat down, so I had to run upstairs and get the camera. The Thrush left, but a goldfinch showed up, and not long after there was a hummingbird. I managed to get pictures of those two.

I was a total freak trying to get the pictures. If I saw any movement I snatched up the camera and was out of my seat in a second. All the while trying to help my sister with math homework. I think I got some decent shots though. I just wish I knew how to work the dang camera.

Later J came over and had left over Greek. (I don’t remember if I mentioned this but) she came over last night and had dinner with us and John. Tonight we played Taboo, which had us roaring laughing for a good hour and a half. My sister was supposed to be guessing alcohol or something like that and J was listing off all these drinks and then said “some bourbon” to which my sister shouted out “car” in response. We were all dying. My sister had to run to the bathroom because she was going to wet herself. Once she was finished in the bathroom she explained. She thought J had said “suburban”. *sigh* yes, that’s my sister. The night only got better from there, and my mom and I won by one point. I think it was 26 to 27 or something like that. My mom and I were really good together though. At one point my mom was saying one word hints and I knew exactly what she meant. We got five points that turn.

Anyway, that’s about it for the day. I’m still hungry right now though, but I don’t really want to get up to go eat. I think I’m going to have to or I’ll wake up in the middle of the night RAVENOUS.