I think I did alright on the math test. I forgot how to graph an equation, but there were only two questions which asked that, so I’m not worried. Everything else I filled in. History was boring. We have a lot of pointless questions that we’re expected to answer as a group. I don’t have anyone sitting next to me, and am in the middle of the five rows. So I’ve got no one to talk to (which is fine, because no one wants to talk to me in that class anyway) and I’m father away from the group. I basically answer all the questions by myself and have le the last two group activities. Or rather, I sit and quietly answer the question quickly, and let the other four people take the credit for having contributed. I don’t really mind, as long as I’m getting my points for the day, I don’t care.

Since it’s Friday I came home and wanted to open the bees. I tried staining the piano but I couldn’t open the bottle of stain so that didn’t work. I slowly waited for 5 o’clock before starting up the smoker and heading out. I couldn’t find the queen and became super depressed. I LOST her somehow! How do you loose a QUEEN! My colony has been queenless for god knows how long and there’s no new brood to replace her. I’m screwed. Pray fro me.

I’m so tired I wrote this whole post with my eyes shut and my head against the back of the chair. I’m practically sleep blogging at the moment.