I have to show you this picture!  

I love goldfinches. I think they might be my favorite bird. I’ve always liked them, and would love to have some nesting in the yard. Unfortunately they don’t nest in birdhouses, so unless they decide to nest in one of the trees, it’s unlikely I’ll see them. So imagine my joyous surprise to find a goldfinch in the apple tree. And then see another pop out from behind the leaves, and another. I got the camera in time to catch two of them on the feeder. I was just passing by the door in time to see them. If I hadn’t been going to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich, I would’ve never noticed them.

I was actually really productive today. I woke up and promised myself that I would come home and clean the house, starting with the living room. My councilor wasn’t there today (despite it being the last day to make schedule changes officially) so I left normal time. F and S caught me a block down the road and gave me a ride home. They were supposed to leave for Tri Cities today, but waited until I was done with school to give me a ride home. I thanked them profusely of course, and will be making them cookies for sure. Anyway, once I was home I got straight to work. I turned on the radio, and set about clearing out the living room. I didn’t actually do anything, I just moved all the boxes from the living room into the spare bedroom. Our living space has just tripled in size. And then, because the piano was so dusty, I decided I was going to dust. So, instead of going straight to the piano like I should’ve, I went down the hall to turn up the furnace because I was freezing.

That led me to wipe down the wall around the thermostat because it was smudged. Once I actually looked at the smudges, I realize how many others there were and promptly began wiping down the entire length of the hallway. That finished, I needed to rinse my washrag. In a new part of the house, I felt the need to clean the top of the refrigerator of all things. A sign of OCD perhaps? Once the top of the fridge was changed from grey brown to sparkling white, I wiped down the front and back doors; the wall next to the front door, the door jams leading up to my room, the black dragon next to the fire that shoots steam when it’s hot enough, the mantle, and the shelves of my bookcases. By then it was only 11, so I sat down and watched a marvelous documentary on the wildlife of Asia. I didn’t finish all of it because my cousin texted me and told me that Dirty Jobs was doing something with honeybees so I had to watch that instead.

After Dirty Jobs I got a call from my mom telling me to make dinner. So I made meatloaf. Then I attempted to take a nap unsuccessfully while my sister and her friend shouted throughout the house. After about an hour I checked on dinner ate, and then started my homework. It’s the first homework assignment I feel like I almost understood, and the only one I actually completed. Tomorrow I have a test, but I’m taking the goldfinches as a sign of luck.