My brain doesn’t even seem to be able to process math anymore. My friend did DIMPLE math to find out how long our classes on late start Fridays are, and I had to read the text three times before I realized what she was doing. The numbers don’t even seem to enter my brain. I read them, I try to understand them, but usually I don’t. It took me over an hour to do ONE math problem tonight. It was a tiny problem too. I had to ask three people for help, and the one who actually helped me the most was the one who did it wrong. My teacher isn’t helpful at all. We spent the entire hour today talking about exponents, which wasn’t on last night’s homework at all. He asked a question, and I replied, even though I was 90% sure I was wrong, and he explained how to do the problem correctly. I understood my mistake within a few minutes. He spent 10 doing the whole thing. After he was done he asked if I understood or needed help or wanted him to continue or something like that, only he asked it in a weird way that sounded backwards in my head and I responded the opposite of what I intended and ended up being laughed at because I tried to correct myself and was so confused anyway I couldn’t even figure out what I had said that was funny.

History isn’t so bad. I hate the note process, and will be editing it soon I think. For now, I’m writing about two times smaller than normal. My sister popped her hip out this morning when getting into the car and it was so painful that we both got to leave early so I could walk her home. Lol. That makes sense; her hips messed up so let’s make her walk a mile. She limped most of the way, but since it was raining S was on her way to get us and saw us walking. She gave us a ride home. I still don’t know when my sister’s going to the chiropractor though. After we were home we watched about an hour and a half of TV and then both took two hour naps. I’m still exhausted. An hour after I woke up we went to the college thing. We got there at 2:30, signed in by 2:45 and I was sitting waiting for 45 minutes for the orientation to start by myself because my mom wasn’t allowed to come in. The orientation took about two hours, and thankfully I took notes because I barely remember it.

I came home, managed to waste 2 hours (how I sincerely don’t know; I have nothing to show for them or remember anything about them) and then signed up for my college classes. We couldn’t sign up before then because the registration thing didn’t start working until 8:30. I managed to get into the last English class, thankfully, because everything else was full. Surprisingly however, chemistry, BOTANY, ceramics, and biology were all full. I had to settle for Italian 1. I’m going to talk to my high school councilor tomorrow to see if I can transfer into either Pre Algebra or my favorite math teachers only algebra class, and ask about only taking one college class this quarter (drop Italian). I’m horrible with languages, and working at an even faster pace than we did in Spanish last year will kill me. I’m seriously struggling under the ridiculously light work load I’ve got already.