It doesn’t even feel like I went to school today. I’m saying that while I’m home and comfortable and the two hours of school have been out of my mind all day, but it’s really not so bad. I do have to say though, I never have any idea what my math teacher is talking about. I listen intently throughout class, take plenty of notes, and still have no idea what we talked about. I couldn’t even tell you what we did today. My teacher could’ve been speaking Spanish for all the sense he was making. And it wasn’t just me, every time he said something the entire class would look around like he’d just spoken nonsense. Which he had. And then a student asked a question which made perfect sense to me, but he couldn’t understand. The kid said it twice, in two different ways and the teacher was like, I couldn’t understand what you were saying. “I couldn’t follow it. It didn’t make sense to me.”

Then he went through some long process to see if the set of numbers we had was even or odd. I still don’t know how that related to ANYTHING we were doing, but oh well. Actually, that’s what we did all day. Learn the difference between even and odd. He had some weird thing where you added the two numbers then subtracted 9, then added the next two digits and subtracted 9, and then added up the results and if they weren’t equal to some other minus 9, then the numbers weren’t even. NO FREAKING IDEA. It was the most bizarre lengthy process I had ever seen. It’s simple; all you do is count the number of odd first digits. If there’s an even number of odd first digits, then the set of numbers is even. If there is an odd number of odd numbers, the numbers are odd. It’s a big concept clearly. One that needs an hour of elaboration and expansion. He spent so long talking he didn’t even give us our homework in time. I had to get it from my cousin who stayed late to find out. It’s third grade review (literally) and it’s due Friday. How is it he can go to speaking nonsense to assigning us homework about evens and odds?

History is better but still bad because my only friend transferred out today, leaving me to sit by myself in a room full of strangers. On top of that, my teacher is requiring us to take notes a certain way. The most time/ room wasting way possible. You have to draw out a box for your name in the top right hand corner (yes you NEED a box) then you have to draw a line over the red line on the left side of your paper to mark where the questions go (yes, you need a line) on the first few lines of the page goes the essential question. There can be more then one, so if you run out of room you’re screwed. The notes go below the essential question, but you can’t use the rest of the page for them. At the bottom of the page you have to leave space to answer the essential questions. If you run out of room, you can’t erase the area for the answer, you have to start a new page, and draw everything out again. Four more days of this and I’m going to have to explain to my teacher why this is the dumbest thing in the world and that I won’t be using it. The worst part? He was the teacher who brought this style to our school. FML

I came home and knitted while watching a documentary about global warming, then the last two episodes of The Pillars Of The Earth, and then season three of The Office. Yes, my life really is that amazing.