Alright I haven’t got long. My internet’s been on the fritz for days and I don’t know how long it’s going to stay up. The weather’s been crap all day, barely making it into the upper 60’s and raining constantly. During a break in the showers, we FINALLY got the worm bin put back together. I’ll start lining it with the black tarp stuff tomorrow. I was drilling the guiding holes or whatever they’re called, and managed to snap the drill bit off though. It seems that after all this time I’m still excellent at breaking things. My mom finished the rest so that I couldn’t break anything else.

J needed help hanging some pictures above the wall that you face when you walk down her stairs. She was worried she’d fall so I had to get up on the ladder, on the stairs, and hang the pictures. I think the three of them look very nice. The lighting going down the stairs is crappy, but the frames look even spaced and straight.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to go and help my aunts make pickles, but I got bored a few hours ago and made cookie dough instead. I don’t think I’m going to make any cookies; I’m just going to eat the dough. I’m terrible at baking, but I can mix sugar butter and brown sugar in a bowl without any effort. We now have a nice batch of cookie dough in the fridge ready for a midnight snack.

We just sort of hung around the house today. Didn’t get much done. I’m a little under a third of the way done with my scarf I think. It’s going to be nice and thick once it’s done. I’ll wash it a few times, to help felt (shrink/tighten) it. I’m using two colors, and the way I add another color is just to switch strings at the end of a row. I don’t know of any other way, but this way isn’t very stable because if the right knit were snagged, the whole scarf could fall apart. Maybe I’ll do a bit of research tomorrow to see what I can find.