Today was a nice slow day. We didn’t go anywhere, and didn’t really do anything. My sister left for a friends house around noon and my mom was set on unpacking things. I managed to take a cat nap for about an hour from three to four. I woke up, went outside, and heard J searching for her dogs in a panic. She couldn’t find either of them, so I went over to help. No sooner had I gotten in the back yard did she find them with a dead kitten. It was one of the kittens of the stray grey cat I like. It was so sad. I didn’t even notice that it’s eye had popped out until J pointed it out (in between her tears). She started crying, and then called her ex husband for help. He just told her to call the humane society to come and get it. She scooped it up into a bucket and then put it out by the garbage bins. Since it’s Sunday the humane society is closed.

This is such a bad cat neighborhood. Much as I’d love to have that momma kitty, I don’t know if I could stand ANOTHER dead cat. That’s three dead cats I’ve seen this year, plus F and S’s cat, Sheba, being put to sleep. Oh and Dusty being put to sleep also. God. That’s way too much death. We decided to have dinner with J tonight, so she wouldn’t be alone for the evening. We had homemade burgers with homemade fries and homemade pickles. It was really good. Then we watched date night On Demand. Despite the hour long nap, and 8 hours of sleep, I’m still extremely tired. I hope I’m going through a growth spurt or something. 5’ 10” is too short, lol.