I can’t remember if I told you I was going to my grandpa’s today or not. I think I did, but I’m not positive. At any rate, I went out to my grandpas today. We were supposed to be there from 12 to 6, but, per usual, we managed to stay until 8. J asked us if we wanted to have dinner with her, and I told her our official time being there was six hours, but we have a tendency of leaving an hour or two later. Did I call it or what? Because we stayed later though, I got to drive the Model A again, but this time I actually drove it on the street and shifted all the way up to third gear. Thankfully all the pedestrians stayed on the sidewalk and out of my way, so that was helpful because stopping took forever.

To start moving you have to push on the gas. To shift up you have to speed up, push on the clutch, stay in your lane, and move the gear shift. Every time you come to a stop light, you have to shift into first. There was a stop light at every corner, so rarely did I get into second before having to down shift again. To down shift, you slow down and then push the clutch, move the gear shift, and by this time you need to be stopping anyway so you keep the clutch in and PRESS on the brake. You have to push the clutch to use the break. I think I’ve explained this whole process in the other post. Driving it was a lot of fun. I would definitely drive that to school everyday. It’s practically impossible to steal because you have to do so many things to get it to start. And then once it’s started, reverse everything you just did to keep it going.

Before I  got to drive the Model A though, my grandpa took us for a drive around the countryside, because my mom wanted to go and see the house her mom grew up in. They didn’t know where it was exactly, but the drive was nice. After a while we went to the cemetery. There’s at least three generations of my family buried there. It was interesting walking around seeing all the tomb stones. There were some that were so old you couldn’t read them anymore. Others were completely buried under the lawn, so the graveyard keeper had to put little signs up so people could identify the plot.

Once we got home we snacked a bit, and then went over to J’s to play Mario kart. Two hours later, my mom and J were talking to my sister about a pain she’s having in her side. At first they were worried it was appendicitis, but now they think it’s just stress. Neither of us like going to the doctor, so she’s really not looking forward to going and getting it checked out. Apparently she feels like she was made uncomfortable on several occasions by a doctor our dad took us to when we were little. She would’ve been about four, so how she remembers so much of certain things I can’t tell you. I do remember being touched ONCE but my dad and aunt were in the room (as they were with my sister) so I think I’m fine. I wouldn’t put it past myself to have blocked it from my memory though. Anyway, long story short, my sister hates going to the doctors, like everyone else in the world, and is going to have to go to the hospital this week.