With Friday late starts I get home about an hour later than I do on regular days. Fortunately, I managed to take the correct route home and shaved 20 minutes off my walk. My legs are already sore, lol. I didn’t realize it until I was on my way home, and then it was kind of like, Oh, I guess I really am out of shape. I’m sure with a few more walks I’ll be fine though. And faster. Hahahaha.

The math test was super hard. I thought I was going to do really well, having looked things over and felt like I understood the process. I started the test and realized I only knew a basic part of the much larger process. I did what I could, and then just sat until the bell rang. People all over the room were raising their hands to ask for help, and I just felt like, If this many people don’t understand it, why are we testing on it? We were even allowed to use our notes. Whatever. I may not know how the act of curving grades is done, but at least I know there’s no way I’ll get below a 70%.

History was… alright. My teacher is one of those people you know you would’ve hated in high school, but since he’s older he’s figured out how best to behave. Whenever I look at him I see him as a high school student, not as a teacher. Today we had to learn how to take notes. Yes, my school really is that stupid that people don’t know how to take notes, as ELEVENTH GRADERS! The style of notes we’re REQUIRED to use it called Cornell notes. I can’t stand taking notes this way. I don’t feel like I gain anything. I have to write down the objective, then write down a mini- question, answer that, and then summarize what my answer was. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to keep up with the notes when more time is spent writing down what I’m asking and how it effects me than there is on taking notes. My school is stupid. Soooo glad I only have two hours there!