Today was excellent. I woke up and was showered and ready to leave in 40 minutes. My mom gave my sister and I a ride to school, like she always does. H was parking when we pulled up, so we watched her for about 2 minutes while she struggled with parking before my mom finally drove around her and we got out. I walked straight over to her and as soon as she saw me she started laughing. She asked if I wanted a ride so I hopped in and tried to help her park. Thank fully there was a spot behind us so she backed way out and tried parking then tried parking again. She got it that time. It was super funny though because literally a second after she had put it in park, her friend A pulled perfectly into the spot she’d been struggling with. I couldn’t help laughing at her.

I didn’t have my schedule, so I had to go to the front office. After about five minutes in line, it was announced that we needed to go to the commons to get our schedules if we hadn’t gotten it yet. So I went to the commons only to find that that wasn’t correct. I went back to the office, asked for directions, and found where I needed to go. I got there, and was handed a neon pink paper that said I needed a utility bill to prove my address and that I needed to go and see a councilor. Yeah, like I’ve just got that handy in my back pocket, psh. So I go back to the office AGAIN, only to find that the line had gotten longer. I just sat down and waited next to a few people I knew. One of them thought I had to see a specific councilor, so we walked all the way to the front of the line, to find out that everyone was waiting to see her. Thankfully another councilor came to help and I got to get my schedule quickly. I told her my mom had already dealt with the address issue, and got to go on my merry way.

First period was absolutely ridiculous. My teacher jumped right into the lesson without defining words or explaining what he was doing and why he was doing it and why he was using the numbers he was using. He was trying to teach us how a grading curve works, because he uses one and it’s almost impossible for anyone to fail. You can fail every test, but because of his curve you get an 80 on it. So all you have to do is your homework and you’ll have an A. So, our assignment was to learn how to curve grades using standard deviation and x-bar and z- score and variances. Do you know what any of those words mean? No? Yeah, I had to spend an hour trying to learn how to solve a problem hearing only those words. I spent about an hour online trying to figure out what it all meant. There were a few things where I just had to guess. I REALLY hope the rest of the year isn’t like today because it’ll kill me.

The classroom was even a bad place. It had no windows, and was super tiny. It was made even smaller by the fact that there were 32 students crammed in it. Every seat was filled. I felt extremely closed in. The grey shelves were where the windows should’ve been, and the font on the screen was so small no one could read it. I felt like I the walls were going to start closing in and I was going to be smooshed. I did realize after a few minutes that my cousin is in the class with me. I don’t know if he’s taking the class for a second time, or if he opted to take Pre- Algebra last year and is only just now taking the class. He’s a senior, so he shouldn’t be in there. There were a surprising amount of freshmen in there too which was odd, considering it’s a junior class. I didn’t see any sophomores though, not that I can tell the difference. Thankfully first went by quickly. Unfortunately, Friday’s are always test days, so I’ve got a test tomorrow on standard deviation and z-score and that crap. Lucky me!

Second period was much more lighthearted, and thankfully there were windows so I went and sat in the sun. The lack of sunlight was getting to me. Basically the teacher told us about himself, as did our student teacher (her family founded Boston, they’ve lived there since the 1400’s). 57 minutes later I was walking out the back doors of the school on my way home. By 10 I was at home eating Reese’s Puffs on the patio enjoying the sunshine. I could get used to this. Tomorrow’s a late start, plus we have an assembly (after second period so I don’t have to go!!) so classes will be SHORT. I’ll probably be home by the same time as today if I’m lucky.

I don’t have classes with any of my friends though (I only know three people in either class) so that could make things boring.