I have school tomorrow! I don’t want to go, even if it is only two hours. I’ve got to walk home everyday for the rest of the month because I didn’t pass my driving test. I went in to take the written, which I passed. I missed 5 questions (if you miss 6 you fail the test) by the time I was on question 13. Thankfully the last 7 questions were easy and I was able to pass. Coincidentally they had an opening to be tested on driving. I didn’t really feel ready for it but I figured, Eh, what do I have to loose? I had to wait an hour to be tested on driving, so I was given a slip of paper that allowed me to drive (since my permit expired). After 45 minutes of practicing I was hot and uncomfortable. My mom and I don’t do well together. She would tell me to do something, but I was never clear on what she was saying, so it ended up being more stressful than helpful. We practiced backing around corners and parallel parking, both of which I can’t do.

Finally it’s time to go and test so we drive back. There were a few little tests from the instructor before we even started driving, and then we were off. I was told to go to the exit of the parking lot, and then turn right. There were people walking through the middle of the parking lot, so instead of waiting for them (which I didn’t even think of doing) I drove around them to do what my instructor asked. I didn’t even realize what I had done until the instructor pointed it out. It was so stupid. Within a minute of starting the test, I failed. She made me drive around the block so we could get back into the parking lot of the DOL and on the way there was a cross walk. There was a lady (she reminds me of the crazy mom of one of the teens from Teen Mom) who was waiting to cross. My light turned green, so I started turning right. The light on the crosswalk also turned green, and since I was already turning, I had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting her. She of course started screaming at me, but I felt like she was just as wrong as I was.

Yes, pedestrians have the right of way at all times, but she wasn’t even paying attention to where she was going (albeit she WAS on a crosswalk). If the first pedestrian fiasco hadn’t failed me, this definitely sealed my fate. I wasn’t given any test score. The note on the top of the page says “people were walking hed to go to the side to not getting hit”. In the score box she initialed DA, which stands for Dangerous Action. I felt like laughing. I’ve NEVER had a problem with pedestrians before. I’ve NEVER driven around them in a parking lot. And the one time it actually matter what I was doing, I mess it up on something as this. We didn’t do anything else for the test. She had me take four right turns, pull into the parking lot and then a parking space, and then told me I needed to watch for pedestrians. Brilliant.

Because of my failed attempt at getting a license, I had to renew my permit. Which meant waiting another two hours. I spent over five hours at the DOL. Half of the staff went on lunch all at once, and the people who didn’t go on lunch helped one person every ten minutes. There were supposed to be four of them, but they kept leaving for no reason. I hate the DOL. I have to wait a week before I can take the driving test again, but all the DOLs in my area are booked until October. I now have to wait to take the test on September 24th, because there was an opening. Kill me now. I’ll have to walk home everyday, at 9:30 in the freaking morning. And if I have to go to college, then I’ll have to take the bus. UGH.