Although I don’t have school tomorrow, the freshmen (including my sister) do, so I feel like today was the last day of summer. And it sucked. It rained almost ALL day, and was cold and windy when it wasn’t raining. Sam wouldn’t go outside unless you went with him (he hates the rain/cold). The grass has been so dry that we had a puddle forming in the middle of the yard. Which I don’t understand because all of the “dirt” in our yard is sand. So I spent today entirely indoors watching TV, doing laundry, and knitting. I started a scarf LAST winter and never finished. I got a nice section of it done today. If I remember I’ll post a picture when I’m done. I already have a scarf, that I made, but it’s a black and orange scarf and October is only one month. So I’m making a second, larger scarf that is dark and light blue. I’ll be able to fold it in half, width wise, and keep myself ridiculously warm. Which will be nice. And because it’s striped it’ll kind of go with my green stripped jacket. If not, I’ll have to make another scarf.

I actually really enjoy knitting. I just don’t ever do it because when I do, I’m pestered constantly. My mom’s always demanding I do something. I was expected to help clean around the house. I didn’t, which I felt bad about later, but it’s been forever since I knitted and since I’m going to be cold when I’m walking from school I might as well have something to keep me warm. I did study my drivers guide today a little bit. My mom’s going to take my to the department of licensing tomorrow to take the written test. I hope I do ok. I know all the easy things, like to slow down when it’s raining and the Four Second Rule and that stuff, but I don’t know all the number stuff. Like having to park 30ft away from a stop sign, or 15ft from a fire hydrant. I’ll read things over again tomorrow; I folded the corners of the pages of things I know the least about. I think it’s about a dozen pages.

I can’t believe it’s the end of summer. I feel like it was a complete waste. I did NO landscaping, nothing major to the yard or the house, I just sat around. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being able to get up every morning and watch the yard live and grow. I just would’ve enjoyed being able to level a few places and move a few rocks around. Stuff like that. Of course, my mothers gardening style and my gardening style are very different. And she seems to think that moving one little rock requires money. There were several things I wanted to do that required no money. I just wasn’t allowed to do them.

This isn’t how I was planning on writing this. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do what I meant to. I’m going to bed now though, because I’m REALLY tired, despite having done nothing all day.