Today I met with my high school councilor and am now only enrolled at my high school part time. For the majority of the month of September (the college doesn’t start until the end of September) I only have two hours of school. I’ll be taking first period math, and second period US history. Unfortunately I’ll have to wake up at 6 in the morning everyday, but at least I’ll be able to go home immediately. And by immediately, I mean after about an hour walk. I think I’m slowly coming around to the idea of getting my license. I drove around for most of today. After talking with my high school counselor, my mom wanted to go to the college and talk to those people. First we needed to go home though because my stomach (which I now truly believe has a mind of it’s own) started growling horrendously loud despite the fact that I didn’t feel hungry. So we went home for a quick lunch, and then drove out to the college, only to confirm what I already knew: we have to wait until the 8th to register for classes. But it was driving practice, so I guess that’s ok.

I then drove us to Lowes, to get some barbecue parts for the grill. We had to walk by the garden section though, and that meant we had to stop and look at things. We bought two packages of Narcissus, a few dollar items, and three Bee Balms. They were covered in honeybees, and smelled delicious. Once in the car their odor was overwhelming, it smelled sweetly of lemon and mock-orange. Or something similar. We also bought a hose stand, because for whatever reason my mom doesn’t find our hose strewn across the yard attractive. I don’t see the point in raveling it up when I’m just going to water exactly where I left it. It’s unnecessarily causing twice the work. Whatever. I’ll be expected to ravel up the hose every time I use it now I suppose. Just add that to my list of failed things; my mom won’t ever think I’ll have done it correctly. If I do it at all.

On top of all of that busy activity, we decided to plant the cherry blossom tree in the front yard. The mound isn’t anywhere near as impressive as I had hoped it would be. Just a few inches tall. After we were already about to place the tree in the hole my mom begins to get irritated because the dirt (or sand since that’s all the dirt around our house is made of) will just fall into the grass. It was perhaps the most annoying thing she could say. I had already gone through all the effort of up rooting the grass, bring a FULL wheelbarrow around to the front yard (I could barely push it), dug the hole and placed the tree, she was deciding that now was the appropriate time to tell me she had realized the flaw in our plan. And then proceeded to use a tone that sounded as though I were to blame for the issue. I wasn’t the one who suggested we mound to begin with. Whatever. I really can’t work with my mother I think. It’s just too much stupid stress.