Yuck I hate shopping. I spent about 5 straight hours shopping for school stuff. We spent almost $300 on CALCULATORS for my sister and I. Absolutely ridiculous. The good news is, the calculator will see me through college. Clothes were just as bad. The only pair of jeans I’ve own all summer (the one’s I’m wearing now) are size 30×34 from Old Navy. Old Navy no longer sells that size. We had to go to Sears, and search for about half an hour to find about four pairs in my size. After trying (and I mean TRYING) to get them on, it became apparent that they were just too tight. Sears carried a different brand, and that’s why the sizes were different. It was infuriating. So we had to search through again for 32x34s and found some. I bought three pairs of jeans today, plus three or four shirts, a plaid over-shirt, and a green striped jacket about as thick as my grey one.

But of course the jacket was a half hour thing on it’s own because they only had small, large, XL and XXL. I’m a medium. After about 15 minutes of searching, and another 10 minutes of waiting while the sales woman checked in the back, we discovered we’d have to drive to a different mall to get my size. We decided to take a break and go home for tuna and top-ramen. After an hour break (my sister needed to watch Teen Mom) we set out for my jacket, a purse for my sister, and composition books. We now have a stack on our table that is probably equal to a tree. School is rather wasteful, I must say. They teach us all these things, but seem unable to prevent us from destroying a rain forest. I hate the education system.

Shopping was really all I did today. I’m completely exhausted. I haven’t walked this much all summer. My feet hurt, as do my hips. My left eye is dry, but my right one is tearing. I’m a mess. Lol. I’m going to bed, and hoping tomorrow will be slightly less work. Although, I plan on FINALLY planting the cherry tree as well as leveling an area of the yard. I’ll try and remember to take pictures. Before I do all that though, I’ve got to go and meet with my new counselor at noon to talk about running start. Not looking forward to it.