Today was the same as yesterday pretty much. We woke up, sat around and talked, and then walked around the neighborhood to various food establishments. I LOVE Oregon housing. The houses are absolutely beautiful, as are the yards. We went to a house today, that has a “Cat Palace” in their front yard. It’s this tower of Cob (mud-clay-straw mixture similar to concrete), designed especially for cats. It’s got a spiraling pathway up the side of it, leading to several alcoves for the cats to sleep in. Running through the back side of it is a long tube of water with several goldfish in it. The tank was a part of every alcove. And then when we actually walked further into the yard, we saw that there was an entire building made of Cob. There were two actually. A healing room and another room we couldn’t see into. It was absolutely beautiful though. And they were in the middle of making a “Chicken Palace”. It was a sphere of cob set up on several pieces of drift wood so it was several feet off the ground and inaccessible to predators. I. Want. One.

The family was the family. There was all the underlying drama going on that I don’t really care/ want to know about. I find it all really stupid. No one has a problem with me (as far as I can tell) and I don’t have a problem with anyone. So, yay me! Let’s see, what else. There was a garage sale only a few blocks away, so my sister got a thirty pound punching bag. And I got to take a mirror from my cousins who wanted it gone. It’s about the size of my current mirror, only a lot prettier.

The drive home was ridiculously long, and I’m thankful it’s over. I tried working on a post (the topic of which I will not reveal because I’m hoping it will make it on Freshly Pressed), but only got a few paragraphs done. I’m going to be really irritated if I write this post, and two days after its published someone else writes almost the exact same thing and that makes it up on the homepage like last time. I wrote a post about how to make it onto Freshly Pressed, and literally two days later someone else had a post featured talking about the exact same thing. We had almost the exact same suggestions too. It made me so mad. Anyway, I’m writing this post secretively, but if I see it on Freshly Pressed before I publish, you will hear about it for days, lol.

Ok, I’ve got to go and write a bee post on the other blog now. I opened the bees up right before we left to make sure everything was ok.