Sorry for such short notice about me going to Oregon. My mom just decided we were going all of the sudden and had three hours to clean the entire house (for my cousin who house sat for us) and pack before we left. I had barely enough time to sign on and leave that little note before I got in trouble for spending too much time cleaning my room. Yes, my mother is that insane. Lol. Anyway, four hours later we were in Oregon with the new baby. She’s a baby alright. Haha. My sister was lucky enough to get to change her. It was really special. I never held her. I’m only slightly (like BARELY) afraid of breaking babies. And everyone else was so into holding her that it was kind of like, Its just a baby. So I was called a scaredy cat by everyone, and went about the rest of the day not really caring, lol.

We got to see everyone in the Oregon clan while we were down their. Didn’t do too much though, per usual in Oregon. I can’t tell you how much I love the houses and the yards though. I would gladly move to Oregon.