We pretty much lounged around and did nothing today. I finished mowing the lawn, and while I was mowing it started raining. I’ve been feeling really sleepy all day, and my head/nose feels congested. I just hope I get over this quickly, so I don’t have to deal with it. Once I was finished with the lawn, my mom came out and helped me plant the last few things into the wall. She informed me that my sisters room “reeked of pot”. The guy that sent her the nudy picture gave her some for free. I can’t believe she’s actually smoking here. This house is too nice to have pot smoked in it. Urgh, I’m so annoyed by this it’s ridiculous. And then randomly later in the day she decided she needed to be out of the house immediately and got pissy because I wasn’t feeling well. I left her alone while she was sick. I wasn’t forcing her to do anything. And suddenly now that I’m feeling slightly under the weather, she can’t be bothered. Sometimes I just want to scream at her. One of these days I think I’m going to snap. Thankfully I’m good at keeping things to myself, so it might not happen, but when it does it’ll be a BIG fight.

Because I wasn’t feeling well, and we had left over chicken that we needed to eat, my mom made toasted cheese and top ramen for lunch, and chicken soup for dinner. Eating soup always makes me sleepy. The act of doing it is tied in so deeply with being sick, that I automatically feel the need to lie down. So, I turned on the fireplace (I was chilly [it was in the 60s today!]) and lay down on the couch while my mom and sister went shopping.

This seems like all I can do for tonight. I’m super tired, but have a feeling I won’t get any sleep. Pray for me.