I TRIED to motivate myself today, I really did. I was going to get so much done! But I had a book to finish (it was really stupid, I don’t recommend it at all) and that was going to take at least an hour of solid reading. But you know me; I can’t just stay focused on one thing. I get distracted super easily. Fortunately, I did get my jackets washed and dried, and put all my sheets in the wash but forgot to put them in the dryer, so they’re still wet. I swept and vacuumed last minute because my aunt and uncle were coming over to get my old bed. We now have about 10sq ft more space in our spare room. Yay! Tomorrow I’m just going to shove all the boxes from the living room in there so we can have a full living room again. I don’t know why everything ended up in the living room to begin with. Oh that’s right, it was because my sister needed to be in the larger room. The one she’s never in.

Before my aunt and uncle came over though, I was working on college stuff outside. F was mowing his lawn, and once he was finished he announced he was going to go mow our front lawn. The way he said it made it sound like he was mad at me, but at the same time not, so I wasn’t really worried about it. It was annoying though because I should’ve gotten up and mowed the back yard then, but I had finally opened up my college stuff that I really need to go through. So I just stayed where I was, irritated with F for mowing the lawn, and irritated with myself for not doing it and irritated that we even HAVE a lawn. After F finished I went inside and vacuumed. He came over a little bit later to tell me he wasn’t mad at me. It was kind of weird. He wanted to make sure that I knew he wasn’t mad. I figured he thought I was mad at him, which I was.

I got in trouble because he mowed it. I guess people can’t really tell when I’m mad though. Maybe it’s because I’m so quiet. I don’t understand that though, because I when I’m mad I feel like people should be able to feel the daggers I’m throwing at them and the venom I’m oozing. My mother can never tell when I’m mad. Anyway, my mom made brownies as a thank you to F. They’re still cooling on the counter. I’ll give them to S tomorrow. Oh and then right as my aunt and uncle were leaving, F gave me some shrimp that he made for dinner to try. I was like, “wow, you mowed our lawn and are feeding us, what else can I get you to do?” He offered to do laundry, and I said that I did have some sheets that needed transferring. He thought I could do that on my own. Lol.