Ok so at 1 am this morning, maybe 20 minutes after I lay down to go to sleep after blogging, the dogs started freaking out because there was some odd chirping noise outside. I got out of bed, put pants on (in the event I needed to go outside and do something) and looked out the window. Across the street, under the same tree Lily shot out from underneath before she got hit, was a raccoon. I opened my window a little bit, to better hear what the noises were. I think they were the bats, because I can hear them again right now, but I’m not sure. Anyway, the raccoon ruffled through some bushes before running across the street into F and S’s neighbor’s yard. He’s caught three possums and a raccoon since we caught our possum. I told S to let F know that I saw one, so they’re definitely around.

Then, around 3 or 4, someone(s)/something(s) started howling. It was the most bizarre noise. Buttercup started howling back. I knew it was people doing it though, because no animals that I’ve ever heard howl like that. It was really annoying and stupid. J was woken up also, and she thought that I was the one who was making the noise; shouting her name in an attempt to wake her up. I felt like calling the police because it was way too early to be dealing with that crap. My mom thinks that the same people that were howling drove by today during the garage sale because she said she heard one of the car drivers howl. It sent Buttercup off again.

We made $70 at the garage sale today. We had a BOAT load of ceramic chickens; my grandmother used to collect them. We covered an entire card table with JUST chickens, and still had to put some elsewhere AND we didn’t even put them all out. It was ridiculous. We only sold 13. My aunt, who managed to sell more than us, somehow walked away with less money than us. So I think we didn’t make as much money as we think we did. We’ll have to check tomorrow. Did I mention yesterday that my aunt brought a van load and a half of stuff over for the sale? I don’t know how she managed to not make as much money as us. Especially since my mom marked everything SUPER cheap. She GAVE AWAY a perfectly good cast iron sink. It was definitely worth a lot of money, but she decided to give it away. EVEN THOUGH we had it priced at $40. Less than a minute after the guy she gave it to left, someone from the church came over wanting to know if we had sold it yet (because they wanted to buy it).

I’m completely exhausted from today. On top of the restless night, my mom woke me up at 8:30. Thankfully my sister and I got to go and buy ourselves coffees from Tully’s because of their sale. How could you pass up their largest size for only $3? My sister and I spent just over 6 dollars for two drinks that would normally cost 6 dollars each.

However, I don’t have a coffee right now, and I’ve got to do the garage sale again tomorrow, so I’m going to be done for the evening.