Despite being super tired, I’m going to write this entire post. Ready for some delusional ramblings? Good.

Ok, so first… let’s talk about the pictures of the flowers I took after I was done with the beehive. Please be sure to go and check out the latest post, I really like it. So anyway, here’s a few pictures.

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The red flowers are gladiolas, the white (tiny) flowers are alyssum, there are a few roses, a dahlia (the brighter colored one with the red center), and the large white flowers are flax. Oh and there’s the picture of the mimosa tree that I promised.

And, because this is too special to be clumped with other pictures, here is a picture of a humming bird that felt the need to hover above me. I’m really glad I got the camera out and was able to get a picture of this.

Later in the evening, my aunts came over with a van and a half load of stuff for the garage sale tomorrow. After we piled all the crap into the garage, we went out to Mexican. It was actually really fun. We stayed out for… well several hours, certainly longer than any of us expected. I haven’t ever really just sat and talked with one of my aunts though, so it was nice getting to have dinner with her like this. Only two of my aunts came, so it was me, my mom, my sister, and my oldest and youngest aunts. The youngest aunt is the one I don’t hardly ever talk to. Both her children, and her husband, are allergic to bees, so they won’t be coming over anytime soon.

Anyway, I’m beat from the night out, and I’ve got a garage sale to do tomorrow, so I’ve got to go to bed. Pray I make lots of money and empty my garage!