I’ve been trying for the past hour to think of something to write about. My day was empty for the most part. I watched a REALLY depressing movie (not thinking it would be so depressing) about a lesbian woman who pretends to be a man in the south. It’s called Boys Don’t Cry with Hilary Swank. It was super intense. Basically the main character, Teena Brandon, wants to be a guy, so she cuts her hair really short, wraps cloth around her chest to make it look flat, and puts a sock in her underwear to make it appear as if she were a guy. The movie was set in 93 (which I expected to be a bit more excepting time) but it seemed to be as hateful of gays as ever. Teena, who changes her name to Brandon, is chased from her brother’s house by the people of the town because she is a lesbian. She runs to somewhere in Texas and finds love.

Brandon’s secret is discovered by her lovers ex-boyfriend who then proceeds to demand to see her naked to prove she is a girl. Once it’s proven that she is not a guy (as everyone believed) the guy and his friend take her away and rape her. She escapes once they take her back to their house, and reports the crime to the police, who seem more interested in her sexuality than the crime. I won’t go on from there, because if I did it would spoil things WAY too much. The movie was really intense, but also really good. Hilary Swank should’ve definitely won an award for it. It wasn’t until the movie was completely over that I learned it had been a true story. It made the movies events all the more shocking. I definitely recommend seeing it, but it’s certainly not something to watch light heartedly like I had done. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into when I started it. I was just expecting a quaint little love story. Turns out it was, it just happened to be rated R and disturbing. I wasn’t paying attention when it showed the rating apparently.

Anyway, the mood of my day changed dramatically after watching that, and I felt the need to clean because of it. I showered and then vacuumed half of the house before getting distracted and going outside. I then pruned the apple tree. I think it’ll be really pretty in about a decade. Maybe half that, considering how quickly it grew this year. Almost two feet since I pruned it at the beginning of the season. I just did a light trim today, trying to get rid of the unnecessary branches and giving the tree more shape. I can now walk around the tree without hitting my head on any of the branches. That means I can get underneath it to get to the middle to climb it better when I need to pick the fruit, and it also means it’ll be a bit taller all the way around and fuller in the middle, providing more shade to the dogs.

I know it’s the “wrong time of year to prune” but is there ever REALLY a right time? Pruning in winter is bad, since the tree isn’t quite awake enough to heal its self. Pruning in the spring isn’t so good either (though that’s the recommended time) because chopping its limbs off then sets it further back in the process. So I figure pruning now is the best time because the tree doesn’t have to worry about producing fruit or flowers, and winter is still a ways off. I’ve pruned it three times this year, and it’s still alive. I think it’ll be fine.

Well, I’ve done enough random rambling to’ve completed yet another post, so I think I’ll be done. Plus I’m TIRED.