I finished The Amber Spyglass today and moved on to The City of Ember. I’m already half way through, not that that’s saying much, considering it’s such a thin little book. It’s not too bad so far, but I can tell already that I won’t be able to finish the story so quickly. There’s no way that they’re going to finish the whole of the story in the next 100 pages. I’ve got to go and buy the second and third books. Which I find annoying. Why not just make it all ONE book if the three separate books are so short. A 600 page book isn’t daunting when the story is a good one. I’ve read longer without any trouble at all. I find short books… unappealing. The only short book I’ve really ever fallen in love with is The Island of the Blue Dolphins. And by short, I mean less than 200 pages (with small print). The City of Ember is almost 300, but the text is so big and the book so thin that the story doesn’t feel long or full.

As I was reading today, a large, grey striped, stray cat came into the yard. It appeared not to have heard or seen me, despite the fact that I was calling it. The dogs were thankfully inside, so the cat was unafraid of coming into the yard. It went straight to the catnip, as if it new where it was and had been there before. I set my book quietly on the table and made my way up the curved stone steps. Still it seemed unable to hear me. Finally the silence broke with the snapping of a twig on my part, and the cat’s full attention was directed at me before I could even finish putting my weight on my foot. The cat was beautiful. Its eyes were a mesmerizing yellow-orange-green color, with a thin dark line outlining them before running down to the rest of its body. I would’ve loved nothing more than for it to come over and let me pet it. Of course, that wasn’t meant to happen. It turned swiftly away and jumped nimbly up onto the rocks in the far back, and then up over the fence in the neighbor’s yard. I truly hope it comes back tomorrow.

My sister will be leaving for my dads again tomorrow. First she’s going to walk to a friend’s, and then walk back home just in time to leave. She wants to go and play paintball, which does sound rather fun, with my dad and (I think) his girlfriend. I think it would be a fun game, except that it would hurt a lot and is rather wasteful. I’m not one for being overly wasteful.

Anyway, I did a quick little post with some pictures on the bee blog, so go and take a look.