I really don’t have anything to say about today. My mom took Albus to the vet to have her cremated, but didn’t ask for her remains back, so we won’t be burying her in the yard like I thought. It wasn’t what I had expected but I’m not offended or anything so yeah. It was ridiculously hot out. The bees simply WOULDN’T fly. I eventually went over and hosed down the hive in the hopes of cooling them down. It didn’t do much for them.

I attempted digging the hole for the mimosa tree. I don’t know if I mentioned this yet, but my mom bought a mimosa tree (if I didn’t mention this already then she must’ve bought it yesterday). We REALLY need shade in the back yard for the dogs, as well as for us, and a mimosa tree will get enormous and shade a good deal of the yard. They grow slowly enough though that we won’t have to worry about pruning it too often or anything like that. I’ll post a picture of what I’m doing tomorrow. So far all I’ve done is cut a large hole into the lawn. My mom wants to mound the dirt up around it, but that not really what I’d envisioned for the back yard so I’m not going to do that. If she doesn’t like it, too bad. Of course, I didn’t begin digging until after the sun had set because it was so warm. I only got about half a foot into the ground before I was sweating, so I stopped. I figured, I’ve made SOME progress, and even if it takes me all week I now at least know that it’s going to be completed.

S was really affected by Albus’ death. She was almost in tears talking about it with me this morning. We both agreed that we weren’t going to have anymore cats. At least with the dogs we can contain them most of the time. Unless Sam decides to charge through the front door into the street again or Kira feels the need to climb up a cliff face to get into J’s driveway. Other than that though, they’re much safer.