With the weather being so UNBEARABLY hot, my mom and I spent most of the day indoors. It stayed above 95 all day. The house stayed at about 80, and with the fans on it was bearable. The dogs slept most of the day, and I read. I did eventually go outside and water, but it was so hot the water evaporated almost at once. Plants I’d never seen wilt before were wilting. It was THAT hot out. My mom and I went to McClendon’s for several things, and when we got in the car my mom reached for her chap-stick like she always does. It was so hot in her car that the chap-stick had melted, so when she opened the cap it spilled all over her shorts and the seat. We threw out her chap-stick, as well as her lipsticks. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be so bad. I enjoy the hot weather, but not the heat from hell.

J invited my mom and I over for a BBQ and some wii, so we went over at 6:30. We got home… at about 11:45 ish. I’m technically going to cheat and say I’m posting this on the 14th, but it’s actually 1:11 AM (repeating number!) of the 15th. I wasn’t able to sign on until 40 minutes ago, and I had to write a post about the bees first. My back is killing me from being tense so long. We played Mario Kart and were on the edge of our seats the entire time. It was really fun. J managed to stab me in the eye with her finger on accident because she was trying to cover my face because I was winning. I won most of the games. And any games I didn’t win, I didn’t really loose either. I was never below 5th place (out of 12) but J and my mom weren’t anywhere near me usually.

I’m so flippin tired from playing all night, just go read my other post please. Lol.