Today I discovered the delightfulness that is 103.7 on the radio. My taste in music has changed into something that likes soft yet still flavorful dollops of music, with the occasional “zinger” thrown in. I like slow, calming music, like stuff from Norah Jones or John Mayer. Peaceful things. But I also enjoy some fast pace stuff like Bad Reputation (by Joan Jett) or Anthem Part 2 (by blink-182). This radio station is exactly my style. They even played some songs I own, haha. I’ve been leaving the French doors wide open during the day and playing the radio just loud enough so only I can hear it for the past few days. It’s rather pleasant. I don’t usually listen to the radio, just because the only stations I know are pop stations. Lol, why am I going on some long random blob about how fantastical the radio is?

Anyway. My sister was home for about… two hours today. Maybe three, but that’s pushing it. I tried talking to her but that was a waste of my time. Her friend (the one I talk about ALL the time and is gay) came over just after noon. Thankfully I was already outside because they were being loud and obnoxious as hell. They wouldn’t stop swearing so I had to close the doors because S was out. It’s like, geees, show some class. I just spelled that with an e; “clase”. Clearly I need to be back in school. My spelling is terrible on a good day, but that’s horrendous. Anyway, my sister has discovered that burning sage smells like weed, so she burned some today. It was ridiculous. The air became so thick I could hardly breathe, and (since she did it when the doors were shut) I had to open the doors and turn on the fans to get some fresh air in.

She’s basically going to be gone until Saturday but will only be home for a few minutes before going off for another two days. I don’t know; she gave me her schedule in five minute increments (practically) this morning for the week. Whatever. As long as I don’t have to bother with her, I’m fine. On another note, I was REALLY tempted to go over to J’s while she was at work and play her wii, lol. I don’t know how to set it up exactly though, and I didn’t want to bother her by asking her in the middle of work. So I suffered through the day without any videogames. It was hard not to set up some of my game consoles and start playing some of my old games as well. There a game called Banjo& Kazooie that I got when I was really little. Like, before I was 6. I LOVED playing it but could never figure out where to go or what to do. I got sick and played it before the move, and I managed to get to the final level in a manner of hours. I never beat the game though, but I’d really like to.

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled on about nothing for three paragraphs, I think I’ll be done. Oh, and I’m going to open the beehive up tomorrow so look forward to a post about that!