You know that 4 day trip my sister had planned for my dads? It turned into a 10 day trip. My mom just brought her home tonight. I didn’t talk with her much, I was busy playing wii resort and Mario Kart with J. She’s been dying to have us over and play with her, and since I was home alone and didn’t have anything to eat; she invited me over for pizza and games. I was over there for about… 3 hours. I kicked her butt in almost everything, lol. I’m really good with video games. Things are always hidden in the same places. The race course is always the same pattern. There’s not too much difference in things. You’ve just got to find the pattern, figure out the controls, and plug yourself in. I dunno. All I’m sayin’ is, in less than 30 minutes I had beaten her high score on a flying game it had taken her three days to get to the score she was at. And she even bought pizza, though I did mean to give her some money for it. I got a little distracted by the game, lol.

I gave her some poppy seeds though (which is why I was even over there in the first place) and then started pointing out things I liked in her yard that I’d enjoy having. She’s promised me seeds from several things and a few bulbs as well. Lol. She has a rather large plant with little purple flowers that was COVERED in honeybees. I was really excited to see it. Especially since I only see the bees on the heather over here. I did see one or two on the cone flowers though. Sorry, I promised not to talk about the bees over here. I did post something new though! Oh, would you guys do me a favor and fill out the poll I created please? I really want to know what you think.