Perhaps the most important thing that I didn’t mention yesterday was that Kira was stung on her paw. Her front left paw to be exact. She was no where near the hive but must’ve stepped on one in the grass. She wouldn’t put any weight on it and was sitting by the door waiting to be let in. fortunately she went back outside before having diarrhea and then shortly after throwing up twice. Due to the severity of her reaction we rushed her to the vet. They said that she was very allergic (all dogs are allergic apparently) so they gave her a shot and gave us some pills to give her if she ever gets stung again. I was worried she was stung again today because she won’t put any weight on her back left paw. She wimpers if she even moves wrong while lying down. I think she must’ve jarred her hip or something because I looked over her entire leg very carefully and found no stinger. I gave her a pill just incase but that effects the immune system and isn’t too much of a pain killer. So she’s pretty much been limping all day.

She was up and running around all morning, and then after taking a short nap wasn’t able to put weight on it. She won’t even walk. I had to carry her (picking her up is even painful for her) to her dinner dish because she won’t walk anywhere. She’s been sleeping constantly and her leg is hot. Taking her into the vet will be EXPENSIVE (going for the bee sting was $150) and they’ll probably want to do x-rays to make sure nothing’s broken. She doesn’t yelp when you touch her leg, just when it’s got pressure applied to it. Pour little dog. If it’s not one foot hurting her it’s the next.

Another thing I didn’t mention was my new crush on the guy who plays Jack in The Pillars of the Earth. Actually, I mostly just have a crush on Jack. Lol. Anyway, if you have Netflix or get the Starz channel you’ll be able to watch it. I really like the show and the fact that Jack is a main character is a bonus. See a picture of him here. Amber, you’ll like that this link comes from a photo on Oprah’s website. Actually, I like that picture so much I might just show it here.

I find him delicious. Lol.