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You might have to watch the slideshow a few times to catch the captions. I don’t know how to adjust font size or make it more visible yet so you’ll have to bear with me on this.

Anyway, buttercup isn’t even the same dog anymore. She weighs less, she feels different, and not in the ‘she feels much softer’ way. The, I used to know where all the bumps on her back were and now all of the sudden it’s an entirely different terrain. She was even more of a stinker today, but my mom said the groomers place was FULL of dogs and the barking was so loud she could barely hear the groomer who was shouting most of the time. So hopefully tomorrow she gets back to her normal self. I don’t think we’ll be giving her this cut again for a long time though. I can’t scruff up her fur anymore. She doesn’t look anything like she did before. I mean, just look at her yesterday. It’s a completely different dog!

With the weather being so crappy, I spent most of the day indoors. My mom seemed to think it was “perfect” weather though, and actually went out to pull weeds. It was never any warmer than 63 and it didn’t stop drizzling until after it was done raining around 3ish. The good news is, with Buttercups fur the way it is, it’s much harder for her to get so messy. Oh I forgot to mention, I had to give Sam a bath today. He was so reluctant I actually had to lift him up into the shower. It was ridiculous.

*sigh* Maintaining two blogs is difficult. I’m super exhausted and I didn’t even start complaining about how much reading I have to do. I’ve still got to read the last half of The Color Purple by the end of tomorrow. Oh well, I’m going to bed.