Since the weather didn’t get better until almost four, I spent all day indoors. I was really close to working out, and even considered putting a goal on here to keep me motivated, but I decided to eat fruits and brown sugar instead. My mom bought several bags of fruit for work, and then had leftovers, so she put them in containers which are now full of fruits soaking in their own juices. So I figured, ‘hey! Why not sweeten this up a little!’ and added a spoonful and a half of brown sugar. They taste amazing now. But then I got tired of that and just had the brown sugar plain. Hahahaha. After that I started dusting the piano. I had forgotten what color it really was. I took a wet wash cloth to it, and after one swipe realized it had been far too long since we dusted. On the second or third trip back to the sink to wash out the cloth, I realized I was hungry, and actually wanted to COOK. It’s such a rare occasion for me, caps is necessary.

I knew we had bacon, so I cut up some bacon and threw that in a pot. I knew we had eggs so I got those out, as well as some olives and the feta cheese (since we were all out of cheddar). Then I went over and sliced the olives, as well as dicing some onion. I threw that into the pan and waited for the onions to golden. I had just enough time to eat a banana and chop some more olives (since I realized I wanted more) before it was time to put the eggs in. I was really hungry so I put in three. Once the eggs were pretty much done, I threw in the last of the feta. It was probably enough food for my whole family in the morning (we’re not big breakfast eaters) but since it was two in the afternoon, I enjoyed all of it by myself. It wasn’t too bad to be honest. Then I did the DISHES. Again, a caps worthy thing.

I never did stain the piano, but since tomorrow’s going to be crappy, I might as well do it then. If my mom doesn’t make me do something else that is. I asked her today if she wanted to be home when I got into the hive (by the way I posted again, with lots of pictures) and she said yes. So hopefully that means I might have some decent pictures for you! Speaking of pictures, I’ve got a few to show you.

First, the kitty. Albus was quiet out of character today. She came inside and ate from her own dish, but then got back in character to throw up on the hardwood. Anyway, she was pretty cute later in the day though. She even let me pick her up and started purring. In this picture she was on F and S’s patio waiting for them to come out and feed her. S is trying to wean herself from feeding the cat. It’s kind of funny. It’s like she’s trying to quit smoking or something haha. She’s been telling F to come put the cat food out I think, just so she doesn’t feel so guilty.

It’s been a while since I posted a picture of The Oreos. I was lucky enough to still have the camera out after I had taken some pictures of the bees, and got some shots of them. They’re such goofy beasts.

This is usually how Sam plays tug-of-war anymore. Just lays down and flips onto his back and lets the little one’s yank to their hearts content. He can only really play tug-of-war with me, since I’m the only one who (plays with him and) out weighs him. He won’t play with me much though.

I’m just glad I got one last picture of her and all her scruffiness. She’s going to the groomer’s tomorrow morning at 7. They’re going to give her the proper westie cut, so she’ll be pretty shaven for a while. I don’t think she’s even got all of her tummy fur in yet, from when she was fixed. I love this sunflower though. It’s a shorter one called velvet queen. I hope the bees pollinate it quickly and ensure we have more next year.