I finished The Subtle Knife today. I have been rereading the series, and decided to take a break before I finish it all together. So instead of jumping straight into the third/last book, I’m going to read something that is for school, i.e. The Color Purple. It’s a surprisingly fast read; already I’m 60 pages into it. I didn’t read it much today, just whenever I felt like I should move on. It’s hard for me to remember the details of the story though, because I still feel like I don’t know all that’s going on. The book is written like a diary/series of letters, with all the letters being sent to God (at least so far). The woman writing is an African slave who was raped by her father after her mother died, and then sold to another man who treats her pretty much the same as her father. The spelling is terrible, there is no punctuation, and there are little to no details about setting and such. If it weren’t for the back cover, I’d have no idea where the story took place. Hopefully the story gets better.

F came home around 4:30 today, and as he walked through the back gate he shouted “willow?!” “Yes?!” I replied. “Would you like to go to the nursery with us?!” he was talking about the nursery I applied to; the “gay” one with the cute employees. I replied yes, and said that I would need to go and grab some money before I could go. He needed to go to the bathroom, so it ended out working fine. I grabbed $50, hoping that bringing a small amount of money would deter me from grabbing everything and throwing it in the bed of his truck. My mom and I decided yesterday that we wanted to have about 15 lilies along the fence, so that the yard would smell sweet. Well, I would’ve needed more like… $90 for all 15, so I settled with 6 and bought a few other things. However, I did go a bit over ($8 over) my limit, and S had to bail me out.

They only spent $51. I got 6 lilies, a “velvet queen” sunflower, a second Chinese lantern, a yellow salvia, and some other fun things. I planted the lilies in patches of three along the fence, so that when the wind blows their sweet scent is carried across the yard. Just sitting on the patio I could smell them. It was a brilliant idea, if I do say so. I’m not going to cut the seed pods, in the hopes that they spread and the entire flower bed becomes filled with them. My mother seems to think that even though they produce seeds, the seeds won’t actually grow. To me, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Why on earth would a plant make a seed, if the seed wasn’t going to do anything? It’s a complete waste of energy and effort. So I’m forcing her not to cut the seed pods once they finish blooming, and hopefully next year we’ll have a large lily population.

One of the guys at the nursery, the guy I turned my application into, was really sweet and gave me a free plant. The thing is taller than I am. He gave it to me because apparently I helped them out when they were short-staffed. I’ve never worked there a day in my life. But, it’s free and I’m not complaining. I just thought it was odd. He also gave me a magazine that was supposed to have an article about bees in it, as well as a few other rose tips. It also has a fold out of a large breasted woman wearing only a bra and panties. There are several other women strewn about the magazine. F was given two magazines, one to take to work. I’m going to look through a bit more thoroughly tomorrow (my mom was the one who found the fold out, lol) and see if there’s any useful information. If not, I’ll recycle it.

Oh and there was one other fun thing from the nursery today. The plant is called a hairy ball sack. When it blooms it’s got furry white flowers (sperm) and then when it goes to seed the seed pods look like “ball sacks”. They even have hairs on them apparently. F bought one for my mom. I planted it in a place where they can see it from pretty much everywhere in their yard. I’ll grab the description of the plant tomorrow. It’s kind of funny.

Sam got a bee stuck in the fur on his tail today. The thing was trying to sting him, but couldn’t get close to his skin. It was really bizarre. Sam just kept turning circles sniffing at his tale, and only after I ruffled his fur a few times did I realize what was going on. So I searched his tail a bit more thoroughly and found the bee somewhere in the middle. I wasn’t wearing gloves, and couldn’t get it out without touching it, so I just shook Sam’s tail until it came flying out. Several hours later, Buttercup was actually stung. She was near Sam at the time and thought he was the one who hurt her. So she attacked him. The bee was still in her fur when she chased him up the steps to me and my mom, so we looked her over. We never found the bee, but we heard it several times. She’ll be fine, it was just a random sting was all. None of the dogs went too near the hive at all.

Until later when the bees were all in for the night. Then Sam went up to the entrance and started scratching at it. I stopped him before he angered the hive, but all it’s going to take is one time when I’m not around and he’ll never go near that thing again.