I spent most of today reading, but not the books I need to read for school of course. The bees were up bright and early, but didn’t get REALLY active until later in the afternoon when the sun came out. Ok, ok, I’ve got to stop intermingling the blogs. I swear, two blogs will be the end of me. I hope you’ve all subscribed to the bee blog by now though, because I’ve got two more posts up. Technically I cheated and dated one of the posts as yesterday, but I did it because all of the pictures that I posted in it were taken yesterday. So, for records sake, I cheated. Forgive me?

I was up a little after 8:30 and FORCED myself out of bed. I feel like I waste my day if I sleep in too long, and since I’ve been sleeping in all summer, I figured I might as well get prepared for school now. The weather has been annoyingly un-summerlike. Thick clouds and a light misty-rain last until about two in the afternoon, before the sun finally drives them to the horizons. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow night, but there is a lightning storm going on to the east, which can be seen from our back door. Anyway, S and I didn’t go shopping today, which isn’t too surprising actually. I was a bit more shocked to find that she never once came outside or talked to me. She will sometimes open her back door and throw her mail into the recycling bin, which they have positioned right next to the house. She barely has to put one foot outside to throw things out.

I was outside reading all day, so I know she saw me. I just felt bad because I felt like maybe she thought I was determined to go shopping today (which I wasn’t, I was really only teasing last night) so I felt like she was avoiding me all day. But, oh well.

The dogs are freaking out at the moment because the cat is at the back door. I went outside to get the cat, checking to make sure she was really the only one out there, and was shocked to see a large white cat with brown and black spots lying on the steps. The cat is a neighborhood stray, and I don’t need it pestering Albus, who was sitting at the edge of the patio guarding the house, so I let the dogs loose. That should keep it away for a few days. The stray black cat hasn’t been back since I talked about him. He was a sweetie though. I kind of miss him.