So, as you know I’ve got my beehive. Instead of trying to fit all the information about my bees into this blog, filled with the rest of my life, I have decided to start a new blog all together. I’ve got a link on The Bees page, the URL in a widget on the sidebar, and it’s the first link on my blogroll. Feel free to wander over there anytime. I will alert you when I’ve posted over there. I figured making a second blog would better organize things, and make it so I didn’t have to filter out my life to get to the bee information. I’m going to TRY and keep my life and the bees separate, so forgive me in advance for being unable to do so.

I spent pretty much the entire day watching the hive. I find it unbelievably fascinating and it’s extremely difficult not to get my suit on and look through the hive. At one point I just took a chair over and sat about 15ft away. I spent my free time searching through a plant book I bought, which lists all the pollen/nectar producing plants native to the northwest. And once my mom got home around 5ish, we rushed over to the nursery I applied to, because they’re having a 50% off sale. Oh, I forgot to update you on the news about my cousin. It turns out that the only things wrong with my cousin was the fact that she was hemorrhaging and had that disease which wasn’t transmitted to the baby. The baby was the one who was having trouble breathing (and somehow somewhere the word pneumonia was thrown in) as well as the high fever. Everyone’s doing much better today though and my cousin and her husband and the baby will all be staying in a room in the hospital for a few days so they can be close.

As for shopping at the nursery… well lets just say all we went there for was ONE vine that would help create a wind block for the bees. About 20 plants later, we were leaving the store and happened to remember to ask the owner if they had the vine (it’s a Virginia Creeper if you want to know). He had it, and it’s about as tall as I am when it’s completely stretched out. It was the only thing not on sale, but because I follow their newsletters I get a 10% discount on anything that’s not already discounted. I’m going back tomorrow with S to get… 16 more lilies. They smell amazing but we only had room for three, since my mom’s prius doesn’t really transport plants well. I don’t think we’re really going to get that many, but my mom and I were seriously considering it. You can literally smell them from across the yard, so if we planted them strategically, our entire yard could smell sweet.

What else, what else… oh! My sister has decided she wants a nose ring, but before that announcement came, my mom has been kind of joking about me getting a tattoo of a bee. I’m seriously considering it, but I wouldn’t know where to put it, and I’m not sure I could suffer through the entire thing. My sister is definitely getting the piercing though, possibly even this weekend depending on what we decide to do about going to Portland.

Anyway, I posted about the bees, so go check that out too.