The sun was like nothing I have ever seen before. It was hidden behind just enough cloud cover to coat the world in a hideous, unnatural yellow/red/orange color. In some places it looked as if it were twilight. The lawn seemed especially dead as I sat outside waiting in angst for 8 to arrive. However, as the afternoon continued on, a phone call came from my sister, who had gotten a text from my father. My Nonie almost died. Her diabetes had gotten the better of her and she passed out. Papa wouldn’t call the police, either too afraid to (though I doubt it) or because he knew she wanted to die in her own home. My father was the one to call the police (Papa called him to let him know what happened) and they revived her. She’s fine now, as far as I know.

My cousin, who I mentioned last night, was in labor until 5:57 pm (that’s almost 21 hours in labor). The baby is alive and healthy, but due to hemorrhaging and other complications, my cousin is not. Apparently she’s got pneumonia as well as some disease that only 30% of women in America have.  Needless to say, she has been moved to a different hospital and put in intensive care. Thus, the second tragedy to strike my life today. We will be going down to see them soon. We got the call from my aunt while my sister and mother were talking about my sisters drug habits. Once again, my sister’s problems add unnecessary stress to our lives. As messed up as I am (I think I’ve got that disorder that doesn’t allow one to understand/ feel the emotions of others) I’m not putting stress on the family, and for that I’m thankful. My sister is out partying tonight. Despite the events of today. Oh but interestingly enough, the baby was born three minutes before the one year anniversary of my cousin’s marriage.

The one positive thing today: I got my bees. I went over to B’s house, suited up, and examined the hive with him. Big surprise though, he asked me to give him the five frames I was going to have extra, and in return he’d take another ten dollars off the price. After talking it over with my mom, I decided to give them over. She said we could always buy more, and it would give me an excuse to order my own nuc box (empty of course) to have on hand. So, I traded five empty frames for five full ones, complete with about four thousand workers and a laying queen, as well as paying $80. B was stung 6 times today, twice while I was there. He doesn’t wear anything protective beyond a sweat shirt, jeans, and a veil. Twice he grabbed a bee and twice he was stung. I, being paranoid and finding being stung a bit more painful than I care to endure regularly, dressed up completely for the occasion. I wore a t- shirt and jeans underneath my bee suit, as well as the helmet, veil, and gloves. I also wore large rubber boots (jeans tucked in and the suit over the top).

Once home, J (the neighbor on the other side of my house) came over to watch. While I was unloading things from the car, a LARGE procession of people were walking around the church. One asked if we were having troubles (as in having the bees removed) to which we only had time to reply ‘no’. Five full frames are a lot heavier than they look. I really need to start lifting weights or doing something because (despite being able to haul half a garbage can full of bark up a hill thirty times in a day) I had trouble carrying it. The fact that F and S were watching from their side of the fence, as well as J and my mom being 15 feet away also watching, made me a little nervous. I spaced and didn’t even think of looking for the queen until I was half-way done putting the frames in. The three frames I did look on, I didn’t see her. I have a feeling she’s in there though, because I saw her twice while looking through the hive at B’s. Thankfully J took some pictures of me putting the bees in my hive. Here. Oh, I forgot I had so many pictures to show. Here, let me show them in order.

This was taken this morning while the dogs were inspecting the empty hive.

Here’s a dahlia. Hopefully it will spread!

Another cute dahlia. I really like this one. It’s a vibrant dot of red in the yard. Hopefully the bees like it as much as I do!

Here’s me searching, in vain, for the queen. J (who normally freaks out if a fly is within two feet of her) came right up next to me and looked at them. This frame is mostly capped brood, which means that new workers are on not far off!


And here’s me shaking the last of the bees out of the nuc box.

So. Today… today was bizarre to say the least. The sun appeared red almost all day, but especially at sunset. My grandmother almost died and my second cousin is in intensive care. I have a new cousin. My sister admitted to going to my dads to get away from my mom, as well as having cigarettes in her bag. And last, but certainly not least, I finally, after so many long years, have my bees!