I sat in my usual place until about 3; in the chair on the patio that is on the left of the table on the right. It’s my favorite spot. My mom brought my sister home around 1:30 and S (who I was talking to when they came home) rushed inside to avoid the drama. I laughed at her as she hurriedly tiptoed through the backdoor. My sister and I talked for a little bit, acting as if last nights conversation had never happened. That’s how our family is. Something stressful happens so we ignore it. Whatever. Shortly after they were home and we had eaten, my mom and I went to lowes to get some bricks for the beehive stand. We should know by now that going to lowes is a REALLY bad idea. We ended up buying both my sister and I lamps (I really like mine and it goes perfectly in my room). We spent almost $150 total, because we had to walk through the plant section to look at the bricks. And I’ve finally started to persuade my mother into getting a pond. We won’t be getting one this year, but it could happen next year.

We had so much stuff that we had to go to the car and put everything away before we could go and get the bricks (the kind we wanted were on the far end of the store). We bought two trellises and over a dozen plants. They were all under a dollar because they were done blooming! We bought 6 mums for 25 cents each. That’s why we can’t ever go there! They had some white “swan” coneflowers that looked exactly like daisies. We didn’t get those though, but there was a bumblebee on one while we were looking at it. Anyway, we went and got the bricks, which cost just over $8. It made me laugh. We came to spend $8 on bricks and ended up spending almost 20 times that on a bunch of other stuff we don’t need. My mom and I spent at least two hours there. We were actually there to look for fencing also; because my mom’s worried the dogs won’t leave the hive alone once there are bees in it. They’ll learn pretty quickly to stay away from the hive I think. We ended up not getting any fencing though.

Once home we set up the stand (F gave me their old AC stand), which should work as a nice work bench. I couldn’t get a picture without being obvious, so you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow. I get my bees tomorrow! I’m so excited. I’m a little irritated with B though. He’s not going to let me keep the nuc box, which is a handy piece of equipment for requeening and other things. I’ve got to go to his house, get my bees, put them in my hive, and then return the nuc to him. He’s not even going to help me set it up. I think once I get my bees I’ll be done with him. He’s not really interested in helping me. It’s all about him making money and making honey to sell. I asked him specifically if he would help me with this, but so far I haven’t had much help. Whatever. I’ll do it all my own and whenever my sister has kids, I’ll teach them how to do it too. B is over charging me for what I’m getting though. I could get a nuc online for $70 and get to keep all the equipment. But he’s charging me $90 (he was originally going to charge $100 but since it’s me he’s only charging $90) and I don’t get to keep the nuc.

I’ll have to figure out how to make one and do that over the winter. I’m certainly not going to give him any of my frames though, I’ll tell you that right now. I don’t think he’ll ask, but if he does I’ll have to politely tell him no way in hell. Anyway, tomorrow will be spent planting and trying to set up a fresh water source for the bees. I put the last coat of paint on the last box today, so everything is pretty much set for tomorrow. And even if I don’t get a water source put up in the yard, my neighbors behind me have a fountain and F and S have a bird bath that fills up every time they turn on the sprinklers. My bees will do fine, I just have to stop worrying and pray they can build up enough strength to survive the winter.

Oh and I went and saw Inception tonight and in the middle of the movie my great uncle called to say that my cousin was in labor. So I might have a new cousin already or am going to have one within a few hours.