I’m going to try and make this quick because I’m flippin tired and want nothing more than to be sleeping right now.

F asked me a few days ago to help him lay some bark at his house. I agreed. Today F came home with his truck filled with a yard and a half of bark. It was so much flippin work. We had to fill two garbage bins half way full (because if they were full they were too heavy to lift and walk up stairs with) and then load them onto an electric wheelbarrow so we could take them to the backyard. Once there we had to unload them, and then carry them up about 8 stairs, drag them 10 feet to the left, and then carry them up another 6 steps before lifting them onto one of the terraced levels. From there we had to drag the bin all the way to the end of the level, and lift it 3 and a half feet so it could be dumped on the top level. Oh my god, it was so draining. It was fun while I was doing it; I enjoyed actually doing something, and visiting with S while F maneuvered the wheel barrow. But now that it’s done and I’m sitting here writing this, my back is killing me and I’m discovering cuts from the days work.

After god knows how many trips, we finished the top level and got to do three garbage cans on the level we’d been walking on. And then we were thankfully out of bark. It took us at least two hours, but probably longer. Maybe three. My mom came home sometime in the middle of it and dropped off McDonalds for me, since she spent the night out with her sisters watching an Elvis movie. Time got away from me so I didn’t really get to eat my dinner. And as soon as we were finished F says “alright willow, go shower, we’re going to dinner”. They paid me for the days work, and then bought me dinner at Ivar’s. It was like, OK really? I don’t know what I’m going to do to repay them for this now. I mean, I’ve still got to repay them for taking me out to my grandpas for the car show, and then taking me out for milkshakes once we were up there. Ugh, it’d be nice if they’d just let me catch up. Oh, and did I mention they gave me something to use as a stand for my beehive also? Just add that to my list.

Oh and I dropped my iPod on the hardwoods and crack the screen. I could probably cut myself on it if I’m not carful. I don’t know why this one drop was so dramatic. It was really random too. Anyway, I might be stuck using the bright pink iPod that was originally my sisters and then became my mom’s (who hasn’t ever used it). Lot’s of fun at my house today, lol.