Today started early for me, almost exactly at 9. I was up before my mom, and the sun even, which was hidden behind a blanket of clouds. I went outside with the dogs, as I sometimes do, and saw that my neighbors had caught a possum in a trap they had left lying around during the night. S wasn’t aware she had caught a possum until I mentioned it to her when I saw her. She immediately called F who told her to move the possum to the front and call animal control. Well she wasn’t going to touch the trap, and I certainly wasn’t going to, so my mom (who’s tinier than both of us) puts on a pair of gloves and takes the possum for a walk. As soon as we got into the front yard, sirens went off and you could hear people shouting down the street. I’m not kidding; a group of four people had hijacked a car and ditched it two blocks down.

A police officer comes flying up next to us and asked us if we’d seen anyone running. We replied no, and just as he left, a kid maybe two or three years older than me comes from S’s neighbors back yard. He was slightly winded, and looked like he’d been running. His middle finger was bleeding pretty seriously and he was wearing a muscle shirt and army print shorts. One of the audible shouts from down the street earlier had mentioned that one of the culprits had thrown off his shirt. My mom asked S if she knew him, and she thought he might be one of her neighbors grandkids. Then my mom asked him if he was ok, and he said he was fine except that he’d hurt himself, lifting a large flap of skin on his finger. He managed to walk maybe thirty feet before the same police officer pulled up right next to him and had him sitting on the pavement. Moments later he was hand cuffed and thrown in the back seat of the cop car.

As a precaution a police officer and detective searched S’s house, but not ours because thankfully the dogs would’ve alerted us to any trouble. Finding no one, the two men left and continued their search. They only managed to catch one another person, but with two of them in custody, they were going to get the other two without much trouble. After that things settled down pretty quickly, and the main topic of concern was what to have for lunch. My mom and I had PB&Js, since S didn’t feel like going out to eat with us, and after we finished my mom went out to mow the front lawn. While she was doing that, I took the hose up the rock steps to a plant I recently transplanted. After turning the hose on, and several attempts to adjust the hose appropriately, the stairs got wet. So finally, once I was all done and on my way down, I slipped on the wet stairs. I bruised my butt, hurt my lower back, bruised both my elbows, and managed to bruise the third knuckle on the inside of my left middle finger.

That pretty much ended my yard work for the day. I decided it would be best if I finished reading my beekeeping book instead. While I was reading, my mom was bit by a yellow jacket, which had started building a small nest against the rock wall covered with juniper. So, we sprayed the yellow jacket, and another one that appeared shortly after, and took down the nest. A few minutes later S came outside, and she had burned herself with her clothing iron. All in all it was a rather painful day. On the plus side, I did learn more about what to do with bees and even saw one or two in the yard while we were working.

Once F came home he decided he needed to help us in some way, so he came over with his power-hedger and cut the juniper back about four feet across the wall. It’s actually a really shocking sight, compared to what it was yesterday. It used to be a solid green wall composed almost entirely of juniper, and now suddenly there’s four feet more space with tons of room to plant all kinds of things. Then because my mom had been teasing about how all we needed to do was go meow at F and S’s back door to be fed, since that’s all the cat had to do, they brought us a whole dinner. They made us chicken pasta, with a side salad and some cantaloupe. We were absolutely blown away. And THEN since I want to put my beehive on a little bit of a work bench/stand F decides he needs to give me their old AC stand, which will work perfectly. Tomorrow he’s going to take me to Lowes and help me level the damn thing! AND he offered to teach me how to install a screen door (because we desperately need a new one; Sam managed to bust it open today and ran out into the street to get to a dog my mom and I were petting).

 I guess I’ve been adopted as their grandchild or something. Not that I mind. I mean I love my grandparents and everything, but they’re kind of a ways away and I’m no where near being friends with them. But I’m most certainly friends with F and S, who I talk to everyday and will often do little projects without having to be asked. My mom baked them lemon squares as a thank you.