I’ve needed gloves for my bee suit for a while now, so we finally drove out to Auburn to Treesnbees to get me some. It was absolutely dead in there. I’m kind of surprised they don’t have an online store because they didn’t look like they were making any money. We were the only car there and when we walked into the shop it looked like it was closed. None of the lights were on, and nothing was moving. My mom shouted hello and suddenly an older lady replied from her desk. A little creepy if you ask me. Anyway, I got some large gloves, which fit perfectly, a book about managing the hive, a book that’s basically a list of plants that bees love (it cost more than the gloves) and another little book about disease in the hive. I was reading the hive management book while watching Medium with my mom and made it to chapter three. I can’t believe how hard it is to absorb information after having been away from school for so long.

After getting back from Treesnbees, I called B who texted me this morning to say that the queen was doing excellent. It surprises me how much he talks, since his voice makes him sound more like a quiet type. Not that I’m complaining. For some reason, listening to random interesting facts makes me go numb/slack and I get completely relaxed. He talked for about 20 minutes straight, telling me about the hive and how he wasn’t getting much honey this year, even though he has 7 hives. He lives in the city, with not much in the way of flowers. Me, I’ve got more flowers in my yard than he does in his neighborhood. And less than a block away is a large patch of lavender. And maybe 10 blocks away are the houses who compete with each other to see who’s got the most flowers in their yard. I have a feeling my bees will do just fine. I’m going to get them Sunday at 8pm (so all the bees are in the hive and the hive is calmer). My mom’s a little skeptical because we’re hauling the nuc back home in our car.

We had dinner for the second night in a row with my aunt/cousin/uncle. Last night we had crab, and tonight we had crab cakes (made from last nights leftovers). I found a salad recipe in the Bonappétit magazine S lent me a while back, which my mom made for dinner. It was excellent. It’s called… something to do with mango and avocado and shrimp. I could’ve easily made that my meal. Before we ate though, I filled three more buckets which we brought back home. My mom’s “going to wake me up early tomorrow” so we can finish laying the bark out. I don’t know how that all’s going to work out, since I don’t think I’ve ever been able to complete any other task than snoring while sleeping. *wrinkles nose* We’ll see how it goes.