Today I got to see the “wonders” of the city dump. I was so disappointed I can’t even tell you. They had signs up that said “no salvaging” and you had to drop all of the garbage down about ten feet into a big box car type thing. It wasn’t any fun at all. We had a load of crap that needed to be thrown out. Several moldy boxes, some having been used by mice as nesting, as well as something’s the previous owners left behind. We did have a pretty rank box of chemicals that NEEDED to go. Every time the wind blew it smelled as though something had died. It had been sitting outside since we moved, so it was full of water which needed to be poured out before we could move it. Not really thinking about it, we just poured it out in a large dip in the lawn a few feet from where it had been resting. It smelled SOOO bad, I thought I was going to hurl. The stench stained my nose for several hours. We’ve since watered the spot several times, in an attempt to get it to soak down deep. I admit, it probably wasn’t the best thing to do, but it was too full to move and NEEDED to leave our house. Thankfully it’s gone for good now.

I did little to no yard work today because it was in the high 80’s until about 6. I watered a little bit, turning the hose on just enough to get a trickle, and then putting the nozzle by a plant. I soaked the blueberries and the sunflower starts that have sprouted from seeds I planted about a month ago. I also found another snap dragon start, which means we’ve got three of the bright red/purple colors. Once the bees come I can start selling the seeds from everything. It’s really sad to drive by huge patches of clover and see no bees. There’s a dentist just down the street from me which has huge lavender’s planted around the edge of the building. They should be absolutely covered in all kinds of bees, but are utterly untouched. All of the flowers of my neighborhood are seriously neglected. Don’t worry flowers! Pollinators should be here by the end of the week!

I need to ask B when he thinks he’s going to give me the bees. I’m assuming it’ll be this weekend. My sister left her nice big fancy camera behind so I’ll have TONS of pictures. I can’t wait! My neighbors keep asking about it, as well as everyone at my moms work. I’ve already got a list of people interested in buying honey from me. A thought did occur to me today though. I know how the honey is harvested, I just don’t understand what you do in the mean time. Do you take all the frames at once, or do you only take half so the bees have somewhere to put the honey while you’re harvesting the other stuff? Or do you get another set of frames to put in while you’re harvesting. These are questions I’ll need to ask B.