F and S were very sweet and drove me out to the car show. I didn’t get anything done before hand, so today wasn’t TOO productive but it was fun. On the way up I saw the most random thing and had to mention it. There was some woman eating corn on the cob WHILE driving. She had this half eaten cob in her left hand right by the window for the world to see, while she was driving with her left. I’ve never seen anything like it. The temperature increased steadily as we drove further north. It ended up being in the high 80’s by the time we arrived at the show. There were some fun cars there, I must say. It was the largest turn out I’d ever seen. A BIG difference from the car show two weeks ago in the town six miles away. My grandpa entered his Model A (do you think I remember the year?) but I don’t know if he got any prizes for it. Here’s what it looks like.

At the end of the show, after almost all the other cars had gone, he let me drive it. As far as I know, I’m the only grandchild who’s been allowed to drive it. And only one of my four aunts has been allowed. My mom hasn’t even gotten to drive it. I’m amazed I could do it. Thankfully he knew not to trust me out on the road with it; I just did circles in the grass. It’s a stick, which I’ve never learned to drive, and it’s an old stick, so there’s a lot more to do. You have to put the clutch in, put it in gear, and pull down a leaver to “retard the spark”. My grandpa explained it about 20 times but do you think I understood? *mouths yes while shaking head no*. Then, you have to let the clutch out SLOWLY while at the same time pushing on the gas pedal. Which, by the way, is about the size of a dollar coin.

I messed up four times before I finally figured it out. I thought I had to let the clutch all the way out before I could push the gas, but finally my grandpa informed me that I was supposed to push on the gas while letting the clutch out. After I finally got it going I just cruised around. It was actually really fun. Just as we were about to be done, my grandpa realized he’d left the parking break on the entire time. Yep, that’s my grandpa for you, lol. So we did another round (which was MUCH smoother) and then called it quite. He wanted me to pull up next to my mom, so I drove over, towards the remaining nice cars and the people, and put it in neutral thinking that somehow that was the break. He’d never told me how to stop the damn car! “So how do I stop this?” “Oh, I guess I should’ve mentioned that when we started”. Ya think!

My aunt got most of it on film. It’s a shame I’m terrified of driving; driving that was really fun. And it doesn’t get up past 50 unless you put it in overdrive. So it would be kind of fun to putt around town in. Not that I’d EVER get it. My aunts would have a fit if I asked for it. I don’t think any of them want it, I know my mom wouldn’t mind it, but certainly I shouldn’t get it. I’m the one least interested in cars of the boys of the family. And my two oldest cousins are into airplanes, so I’d expect of any of the grandchildren one of them would get it. *shrugs* but I can dream, can’t I? I bet if I asked about it, my grandpa would give it to me though. My sister and I visit him most often, so we’re kind of the favorites. And my grandpa has said on several occasions (in front of my aunts even) that my mom is his favorite daughter. So I might just be able to get the car if I truly REALLY want it. Maybe once I’m a better driver.

F and S stayed for a couple hours and then went home. But not before driving another 20 minutes north to take me for milkshakes. I really wanted milkshakes from a certain place. The cats that live there all have six toes on at least three of their paws. I wanted my mom to take me, but she wouldn’t, and I’d been telling F and S how much I enjoyed the milkshakes there, and that I was going to get one one way or another. So they drove me. I’m going to have to bake them something for sure. They drove an hour just to take me to my grandpa’s because I didn’t want to wake up early and spend the whole day there. And then on top of that they bought me a milkshake. Next weekend F is going to pay me to help him beauty bark the upper terraces of their yard, but I might just avoid taking the money. That would even things out.